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Today I’ll be going over all the anime I watched during the spring season and give my final thoughts and scores for them. I’ll be using the out of 10 score I gave each anime on My Anime List as well. I’m listing the anime alphabetically too.

Alright then, let’s jump in and get this started!

Akuma no Riddle/Riddle Story of Devil


Reading the synopsis for this one I was hoping it was going to be an edgier version of Sakura Trick with assassins, but it was more assassins and no Sakura Trick. All in all Akuma no Riddle was pretty much down the middle for me, I neither liked nor hated it. It had good moments, some feels too, but it just didn’t really engage me that much with the story or characters. I kept hoping it would suddenly break out and become pretty awesome, but it just didn’t, at least for me. I think the final ep really was a bit much, like they suddenly ran out of ideas in the story and decided to spam a bunch of things before ending it. Also, how the fuck did Hitsugi Kirigaya and Chitaru Namatame end up alive in the end? How the fuck did that happen? They DIED like really did. There was blood and SHE DRANK A WHOLE VILE OF POISON! Like for real, can’t people just die and stay dead? Is that too much to ask for? So yeah, that’s kinda what I thought about the ending.

What I liked: I’m not really sure what I liked about this anime. Like I said, I neither liked nor hated it, so I can’t really say there was anything I particularly liked about it. Hmm… I did like Isuke Inukai, but only because she looked the best in a bikini. And I do like pink hair too.

What I didn’t like: The final ep was a bit… hmm… no. I wasn’t really pleased with how the just brought characters back even though they died, no I don’t like that at all.

Final thoughts & score: So looking back at all this, I honestly wanted someone to just walk up to Haru, hand her the notice then point a gun to her head and pull the trigger. Sorry if that sounds violent, but seriously she was impossibly escaping death by the end. Okay this one can’t stay on the hard drive anymore. Akuma no Riddle or Riddle Story of Devil gets a 6/10. No yuri. Meh.

Black Bullet

Black Bullet title card

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Black Bullet started off pretty decent and I was liking the vibe it was putting out, but somewhere along the way things changed. Rentaro became a Gary Stu and the plot fell apart, and things started getting boring and then it ended and I was confused and just annoyed at the ending. What bothers me most about this though is the lack of action. Yes I know there were battles, gun fights and such, but on a whole they lasted a very short amount of time and then it was just back to talking. That’s one thing I really don’t like with ‘action’ anime, when they have terrible pacing. Had they focused more on the action and less on the drama, then I think this would’ve been better. Hell, it’s called ‘Black Bullet‘ yet the anime isn’t even about the bullets or the gun in the first place!

What I liked:  Hmm, I liked Tina, she was cute and made pizza. What’s not to love? Kisara was another girl worth liking, but after her stunt at the ending, I’m not sure what to think of her anymore.

What I didn’t like: Well there is a lot to not like about this anime. For starters the plot is a mess. We’re presented to something that should be good in theory, but the execution is just awful. We have lots going on yet nothing is really followed through to the end. Next the characters are a mess. Rentaro is a Gary Stu. Terrible. That and the fact he’s got a loli harem are just plain bad. It feels like everyone is just sucking his dick so he can just sit back and let everyone do everything for him. How he handled the whole Gado matter was a disaster too. Let’s break this down: Rentaro gives an order that pulls his team away from the front lines just so he can kill some small group flanking them. While doing this will save more, he leaves is assigned position and let’s tons of people die. He deserts the big picture to deal with a small thing, so when he’s called in a punished later, why the fuck is he mad? He’s clearly in the wrong, so him being punished is obviously the right thing to do. Later when we find out Gado is dead and Rentaro takes command, his first order of business is to stab that one guy in the shoulder because he says they should all leave because they’re gonna die anyways. Rentaro then goes on to say he’s not as nice as Gado. What? Where is he getting this shit from? Gado was doing the right thing by punishing Rentaro for deserting the battle, so there was no reason to get all angsty about the issue!

Final thoughts & score: So looking back at this all, I’m disappointed as this could’ve been something enjoyable to watch and review. If they make a sequel to this I for sure will not be watching or reviewing it as I don’t want to waste time in such a terribly executed anime. All around this wasn’t worth sticking with for this long and I’m sorry I did. Black Bullet earns a 5/10.

A special thanks and shout out to the awesome people at Little Cloud Curiosity, The Anime Rambler and RABUJOI for the reblogged reviews. You did such a fine job writing them! Be sure to stop by and follow their blogs for the coming summer anime season.


Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou/The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

[Commie] Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 12 [1F71C03B].mkv_snapshot_02.15_[2014.06.29_02.29.35]

Like many of the anime I end up really enjoying a lot, this one wasn’t on my watch list from the start, rather it was yet another recommendation that really turned out well. From start to finish I was really caught up in the whole world of Kawai Complex and the antics that went on there. While overall there is not hardcore plot to this anime, it carries from ep to ep well and the flow and pacing is really good. I’ve always liked the slice of life genre of anime and while this wasn’t to the degree that, say, Non Non Biyori was, I really like sitting down to watch the humorous events unfold with each ep as they never disappointed. Each character also brought something to the table too and they all added to the anime in their own way. Usa and Ritsu, being the two main characters, had the focus mostly on them, but I liked how some eps shifted focus to other characters, Mayumi, Sayaka and Shiro, so it always kept things fresh for each ep. And of course the animation in this anime is really beautiful. I also really noticed the OST in this one a lot too and I enjoyed many of the tracks. All in all it’s just a really enjoyable anime and I’m glad I decided to check this one out.

What I liked:  Like mentioned, the characters, animation, OST are the main three things that stand out a lot for me, but I’ve also gotta say that just the general interactions of the characters is something I really liked too. The hilarious situations that arose and the way everyone dealt with it was so funny to watch. I always enjoyed sitting down to watch each ep and I was always left with a pleasant feeling once it ended. Honestly I wish there is a second season as there are still probably many more crazy things waiting to happen at the Kawai Complex.

What I didn’t like: There were times where some jokes just went too far and should’ve stopped at the right moment. While I normally don’t really like that much sexually related jokes, this time I didn’t really mind it all that much, as Usa usually had some witty remark to say back to Mayumi. Like One Week Friends too, I kinda wish that Usa and Ritsu’s relationship had progressed a bit more, and the two getting a bit more serious about things. A kiss would’ve been nice too had they been farther along, but I guess as this wasn’t a straight up romance anime, I can overlook that.

Final thoughts & score: So looking back at this charming experience, I’ve gotta say that this is one to check out for sure. If you watched Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, then this is very much along those lines, so you’ll probably enjoy it just as much. I’m also glad I’ve decided to start looking into recommendations more as I’m always getting surprised by anime I might not normally watch. Well then, looking at how this all wrapped up I think I’ll give Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou or The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior a solid 8.5/10. Enjoyable from start to finish, check this one out!

Captain Earth


After the first 13 eps, I’m still on board with Captain Earth as it’s still a pretty damn good anime, give or take a few things. From the start I was really engaged with this one as it was first of all, nicely animated; Bones must have put the budget into this one and used the left over funds for Chaika. I’m enjoying where the story is going and I do like the battles that happen quite frequently. I’ve gotta say that Moco is by far the hottest girl in this anime as she’s just so damn sexy and I do like characters with pink hair too. Looking to the remaining eps, I hope that Captain Earth can progress the story a bit more and lay off on introducing more characters each ep. I’m still enjoying this anime from week to week, but it’s got things to work on before I can call it something really good.

What I liked: Like mentioned, the animation is really nice, that’s something I always look for in an anime. I like the whole mech power up sequence when it goes through each space station before getting ready to fight the enemy, but in all honesty, it doesn’t need to be shown every time they go out to fight. I also really, really love the OP for this anime, it’s up there with my top favorites of the season and it’s a song I never get tired to listening to. The battles are pretty awesome too, sometimes a bit too short, but they look nice.

What I didn’t like: For a while there, and still continuing, Captain Earth has turned into a Monster of the Week anime, where we’re introduced to a bad guy, said bad guy gets a mech, they fight, and the good guys win. Rinse and repeat next week. They’ve been changing it up now as they’re taking two eps to introduce a character before having them fight the inevitable battle and losing to the Earth Engine. I really hope that in the coming eps, the story starts to pick up and things start happening, other than fighting a new bad guy each week.

Thoughts & score: Not final thoughts and score as this is still ongoing, but I think this is a good anime and it’s one to put time into watching. It’s got flaws and I hope those flaws are addressed soon, but until that happens, I’ll just have to sit through it, admiring the nice animation along the way. After 13 eps I can give Captain Earth a solid 8/10.

Date A Live II


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After a thrilling season 1 I was all hyped and ready to be amazed again, but sadly season 2 wasn’t the awesomeness I was hoping for. The first 3 eps are enough to make anyone drop it, but if you press on it does get better; not season 1 better, but close enough. I stuck with this one through till the end and I guess by the time the final ep rolled around, I was liking it, but all in all it’s not as good as season 1 by a long shot. I’d also like to once again express my thanks to Deven Luca for helping me with the reviews for a few eps; I was having some trouble there with family stuff and couldn’t find time to write the reviews for this, so Deven let me use his reviews. Be sure to thank him be stopping by his anime blog and following him there, also follow him on Twitter too and you can even ask him questions on Ask.fm.

What I liked: Tohka being back again! Yes I love Tohka, she’s my favorite and she did some pretty awesome stuff when on screen. Kurumi also wowed us with her sexy appearance and heart racing seductiveness. The action was pretty good near the end, although I was expecting more.

What I didn’t like: The first 3 eps killed this for me. I dropped it at one point as it was just too much; opening a season with a filler ep is a prefect way to fail. Only being 10 eps was a let down too, I wanted more initially, but by the end, 10 was enough. It just didn’t have the Date A Live vibe like season 1, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. Kurumi only being around for a very short bit wasn’t fun at all either; I wanted more of Kurumi to be doing stuff (along with Tohka) but we just never got that.

Final thoughts & score: Personally I feel season 2 has a lot of wasted potential; it had all the pieces to make something amazing, like season 1, but they never all fit together to bring the vibe back again. I went in with massive expectations and I was extremely let down by what I got. Season 1 is way, way better and had they transitioned things properly into season 2, and kept the same feelings, I’d have loved it. Looking back at this anime, I’ve gotta give Date A Live II a 5.5/10. An overall disappointment with a few enjoyable bits.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?/Is the Order a Rabbit?


Lolis, coffee, bread, and lots of fun. Yep, I really enjoyed Gochiusa a lot actually, maybe it’s just because it’s filled with cute lolis, but overall it’s just a really enjoyable and fun anime to watch. If you’re into slice of life anime then this is for you; it’s not heavy on plot at all, nor does it have loads of depth, but it really delivers in the moe, cuteness, loli, department and will satisfy all those needs and then some. From start to finish it never lacked and each ep was always fun to watch and from start to finish you’ll always get swept up in the excitement and enjoy the ride. One super pro tip though: ALWAYS eat food when watching this one, or else you’ll be sorry.

What I liked: What I liked most about this one has to be Rize. She’s totally the best girl, plus she carries a gun with her too, so yeah she’s awesome. But really, I just love just about everything with this anime. The animation is really great, the characters are all likable, the OST is fantastic (I can’t wait to download it), lots of attention to detail put into the food and general backgrounds, and I liked the overall atmosphere of this one too. It’s just super cute and easy to love, plus it’s impossible to say no to such cute lolis! Also, the swimsuit eps, holy crap where they some of the best this season. Rize in that purple and white bikini, wow she looked so amazing! Rize also looked amazing wearing that bartender uniform too, wow so sexy! Seriously, Rize makes this anime so much more enjoyable to watch each week.

What I didn’t like: I’m sure there are things to not like about this anime, but I can’t really think of them too much at this point. All the lolis, food and cuteness makes it hard to say something negative about it.

Final thoughts & score:  So looking back at this one it’s just been a really enjoyable past 12 weeks watching Gochiusa and I’m really sad to see it leave. Thankfully Non Non Biyori and Kin-iro Mosaic will be returning with season 2’s at some point, so I really hope this one gets another season as well, because more Rize would be greatly appreciated. Tallying things all up, I’ve gotta give Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? or Is the Order a Rabbit? a very solid 8/10. Super fun and enjoyable to watch, plus Rize is the best!

So that brings us to and end of part 1. If you watched any of the anime mentioned in this part, what are your final thoughts on them? Did you enjoy them? Hate them? Favorite character? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

I’ll cya in part 2!

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