So we’re here, the finale of Black Bullet. Wow, this couldn’t have come any sooner.

Here’s my review.

The Gastrea are approaching! Rentaro and crew are stationed waiting the batteries that will never arrive. Remember that asshole bodyguard Yasuwaki? Well he decided to dump all the batteries in the lake, some kinda childish revenge against Rentaro for fucking with him. Geez people, humanity is on the fucking line and all you care about is fucking some guy’s plan up? Okay then, if you really want to, just remember if they die, so do you.

Thankfully even though they don’t have the lights working like that wanted to, Seitenshi launched a billion lanterns into the night sky giving Rentaro and co enough light to battle the Gastrea. According to Rentaro, people have a light side and a dark side, and even though the citizens of Tokyo hate the Cursed Children, they show their light side by gathering with Seitenshi to send their prayers to the civil officers fighting the war. Okay… so Enju is all fine and well with this, even though these are the same people who blew up all her friends in a bombing? Right then, sounds good.

So with enough light now, Rentaro gives the order to charge the approaching Gastrea and kill ’em all. Yay. So off they go, fighting the Gastrea all while giving Rentaro and Enju cover fire so they can reach Aldebaran to shove a bomb up his ass to kill him. Well not exactly “up his ass” so to speak, but just inside it so it’ll die and things will be cool again. Reaching their target, they engage Aldebaran in melee combat for a short bit before blowing a hole in it’s side and jump in to plant the bomb. Why are they engaging a huge fucking monster in melee combat? It’s anime okay, shit like that happens because someone somewhere thought it would look cool.

Once this hole is opened in the side of Aldebaran, Rentaro and Enju jump in and set the EP bomb before hauling ass outta there so they can be a safe distance away before it detonates. Retreating to a safe distance, they take cover and wait the explosion. 3…2…1…0! Boom? No, no boom. Why? Well there has to be a problem obviously. So now we’ve got a rampaging Aldebaran who’s supposed to be blown up, only the bomb that’s needed to kill it isn’t working. Wonderful guys, how are you gonna work this one out?

The only way to do so, another obvious thing incoming, is to manually detonate it; meaning it’s time for someone to die. Rentaro volunteers himself and after a quick farewell chat with Enju, he punches her in the stomach to knock her unconscious before departing. Wait, something in that sentence sounds off, let’s take another look: “he punches her in the stomach to knock her unconscious before departing” oh, that sounds… COMPLETELY FUCKING… JUST WHAT THE FUCK? HOW DO YOU KNOCK SOMEONE UNCONSCIOUS BY PUNCHING THEM IN THE STOMACH? HUH?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! So anyways that happens and Rentaro runs off to set the bomb off himself.

He has quite the tough time getting to Aldebaran though as Aldebaran sprays Varanium-corroding gunk that dissolves his leg, rendering him in poor shape for moving now. So it looks like all hope is lost. But wait! Who’s this jumping into the picture?! Why it’s none other than Shouma! So Shouma shows up and moves Rentaro out of the way, saying that he wants to get rid of his corrupted power he’s got while destroying Aldebaran in the process. Okay brah, whatever floats your boat. So Shouma goes off and takes out Aldebaran , thus saving the world. Yay.

Rentaro awakes later as Enju hovers over him; she goes on to explain that once Aldebaran was killed, the rest of the Gastrea were too disarrayed to continue on and were easy targets for everyone to pick off. So pretty much the battle is over and humanity has won. So this isn’t actually the end of the ep, there still are things yet to happen. We cut to 2 days later and the Monolith 32 is being rebuilt, actually 300 meters have already been built. Wow that’s a lot for 2 days, like impossibly a lot for 2 days. But whatever, the fucked up shit is about to happen now.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 13 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_12.13_[2014.07.02_17.08.50]

So sometime later, Kisara, Rentaro, Enju and Tina have a a confrontation with Kisara’s older brother, Kazumitsu, as he was in charge for making Monolith 32 a cheap piece of shit. He pocketed the rest of the money and used it to raise his social status. Geez, what a douche. So this whole sequence is just… fucked. They meet in the Tendo dojo and to settle this matter of Monolith 32, Kisara and Kazumitsu duel it out to the death. Wow, that sibling love eh? So I was guessing Kisara was going to win this one as she’s pretty awesome, but I wasn’t expecting it to be in such a gory way. For starters she takes off his leg in one pass, so the battle is pretty much over now. Walking up to him, her bare feet slapping in the river of fresh blood flowing from his open wound, she stops in front of him where he starts spouting shit about villains never dying and how evil he is and shit. Honestly I just wanted her to put her sword through his head by this point as  Kazumitsu was just becoming painful to hear talk. Surprisingly Kisara turns and walks out, sparing his life. What? Door closed and now the 4 of this outside, she turns to Rentaro and says her move was a two step move, meaning taking off his leg was only part of it. Cutting back inside, Kazumitsu’s face suddenly starts splitting open and he kinda just explodes into a bloody mess all over the place.

At this point I’m just stunned, shocked, surprised, confused and questioning what I just saw. And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, Kisara has now gone off the deep end and has turned pretty much yandere as she’s acting all bubbly and happy that she’s finally killed the person responsible for making things a mess.

Time for Kisara to go yandere.

So the ep ends with Seitenshi announcing some new law, but as that kinda wraps up, there are still questions left unanswered; what about the corrosion in Enju’s body? What will happen with Kagetane and Kohina? Are the Gastrea gone for good? What is Kisara gonna do? What will happen to Tina now that Kisara has gone insane? I’m asking all these but there is no answer to be seen. Alright then, I’m finished with this.

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 13 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.32_[2014.07.02_17.58.17]


 Final Thoughts

Wow, just wow. Black Bullet was something I was actually excited for at one point, now I’m just thrilled that it’s over. Pretty much it failed to really execute the plot well and ultimately that brought it down. It didn’t help that Rentaro became Gary Stu and things just started to work for him, nor was it fun seeing characters like Midori introduced, only to be killed a few eps later. Also Shouma dying wasn’t really all that epic as well; he killed himself because he thought the his moves were too dark. Okay brah, keep telling yourself that. So what happens to that loli he teamed up with at the end?

All in all Black Bullet failed to deliver the experience that I wanted and it just fell flat by the ending. Should it get some follow up (movie or season 2) I will not be watching it as this just wasn’t an enjoyable thing to watch and review each week. Alright, I’m finished talking about this anime, time to remove it from the hard drive.

Overdue like crazy but I’ll still have it up next, the finale of Love Live! Yes my favorite anime of the season has ended so it’s time to take one final look at it. I’ll have that next then that’s it for the spring anime. Hopefully you can expect to see reviews for Glasslip and Rail Wars being posted soon as those are both to come out very soon. As for the rest of the anime, well they’ll be along shortly, same with the reviews.

Thanks for sticking with me for these reviews, I hope you liked reading them. Here’s one more bonus pic for you to enjoy as this bring Black Bullet to an end!.

I’ll cya in the next post!

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