Another week, another chance for Tatsuya to prove why he’s the best guy in existence.

Here’ my review!

So before we begin, this week’s review is brought to you by the Beastie Boys song, Sabotage. Keep this playing on a loop okay?

Okay, so we’re back with more sports. Mari is Battle Boarding (they should just get Tama to say ‘battle’ because that’s all I can think of when I hear the word now) and she’s a heavy favorite to win. Things obviously can’t go right because where’s the fun in that? During the race she suddenly becomes part of a accident as another student goes out of control and crashes into her. Obviously this seems weird as Mari is like the best in this and someone wiping out and causing her to crash too seems weird. So in the process Mari is hurt pretty bad, we’re talking broken ribs and such. Apparently with magic though, that shit only takes a week to heal.

Also, we find out about Tatsuya’s super pro, tells-the-trained-professional-medical-staff-how-to-do-their-job, skills. Like really? There’s knowing medical stuff, but then there’s telling qualified people who have trained how to deal with a situation just like that, how to do their job. Seriously, Tatsuya, leave them to their job  and go be a student for once, is that too hard to do? Anyways, with Mari out for a week, she obviously can’t compete in anymore events in the games. Oh boy, we’ve got a problem now. First High School is big on always winning, so with Mari out for Battle Board as well as Mirage Bat.

Ugh, that’s it I’m done.

This will be the official end to my Mahouka reviews as it’s time I drop it and move on. I wanted to like this anime as it was so hyped and I enjoyed the first ep, but after a while I realized it was just Tatsuya being over powered and he didn’t actually do anything else besides that. Add the fact that pretty much every other character worshiped him (his cute imouto included) but they’re pretty much just there to praise him for doing the impossible all the time. I can’t sit through another 14 eps of that, no sir!

So I’ll bring things to a close here, mid review, mostly because I can’t continue writing this review, nor do I really want to as well. If you’ve going to continue watching, I hope you enjoy it more than I did. But please remember, tell me when the beach ep is okay? Because if there is one thing I want out of this anime, it seeing Miyuki in a bikini at least once. Alright then, thanks for staying with me this far and I hope you enjoyed something out of it, maybe the pics or something, but whatever the case thanks for reading.

Up next I’ll have a look at the second to last ep of Love Live season 2. Sad to say it’s coming to an end this week, so I hope we end on a high note, despite the feels I know that will be present. I’d feel bad if I didn’t leave you with one last bonus pic, so enjoy this last one and I’ll cya in the next post!

Bonus Pic!

Last Miyuki pic. Click for full size
Last Miyuki pic. Click for full size

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