Love Live delivers a very emotionally charged episode this week as the girls have a serious talk about the future of µ’s.

Here’s my review~!

*wipes tears away*

We start off on a cold winter morning with Arisa and Yukiho as they check to see if they’ve been accepted into Otonokizaka High School, and they have. Hooray! Arisa is overjoyed that she’ll finally get to join μ’s, as it’s kinda been her dream for the past while, so she runs over to her older sister, Ericchi, who is standing off to the side watching. As she’s over celebrating with Eri, we cut back to Yukiho who isn’t looking as happy. Arriving back home later, Yukiho is very calm about the matter. Honoka is quite worked up though as she wanted to go with her, but Yukiho only has one question on her mind: when all the third year students graduate, Eri, Nozomi, and Nico specifically, what’s going to happen to μ’s?

After the opening sequence, we’re back in μ’s HQ where Umi is giving the usual briefing. Love Live is one month away now and it’s crunch time. She proposes that they focus on staying healthy and in shape, and not do anything that could injure any of the girls. Smart thinking as most injuries take time to heal, and depending on what you hurt, it could take months. Also I’m sure this is also referencing back to season 1 where Honoka overworked herself and collapsed after their No Brand Girls performance in episode 11. Whatever the case, Umi (and I’m sure everyone else) doesn’t want to have any injuries at this point. Umi also has planned days off, something that A-RISE does, just to make sure they once again don’t overdo it in practice. See, you can learn something from your rival.

Back to the meeting now, Umi notices that Honoka isn’t in the game and seems a bit distant; obviously her mind is still back to the question Yukiho posed to her about the future of μ’s. Maki actually starts this conversation (Maki why?!) as she asks if Arisa and Yukiho had been accepted, to which Honoka replies yes; Kotori also dumps gas on the fire as she mentions that Arisa always wanted to join μ’s. Then it’s a double shot of death by Hanayo and Rin who bring up the possibility of gaining two new members. But goddamn it Maki! You’re too perfect to make that mistake! Thankfully she’s able to halt things before they can continue, but with the words already said, it’s hard to pull them back in.

[FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_03.43_[2014.06.19_22.01.33]

Nozomi is able to divert the sensitive topic away by joking if Nico will be able to graduate, but it’s Eri who is able to get their minds off the topic and get them out and ready for practice. Out on the track the girls are having a quick run around while chatting amongst themselves about the future of the group. Although they all know it’s not to be discussed until after Love Live, it’s hard not to think about something like that. Honoka wants to keep singing and preforming as it’s something she really loves, but as it won’t be the nine of them anymore, μ’s won’t be the same. Also as Nozomi chose the name μ’s, it’s really made for a nine person group, so even if Arisa and Yukiho joined, they’d still be short one person.

Nico states that real idols keep the group name, even if members leave or graduate. But she’s cut off as she ends up running into Nozomi’s boobs and falling to the ground. Another reason you should keep your eyes open while running, not that running into boobs is exactly a bad thing… but still. Also, wow Nozomi is pretty tough to stand there and have Nico bounce right off her; I mean yeah Himiko from BTOOOM! proved that boobs have hidden powers to make anything (bombs included) bounce off them, but a person running into boobs at full speed? Then again Nozomi has many mysteries about her and Nico is pretty short, so I guess it all works out somehow.

Now they’ve gotta talk about it, there is no other way around it. Hanayo points out that if Arisa and Yukiho do intend to join μ’s, they should at least have an answer to give them about the future of the group. Maki shares the same viewpoint as μ’s won’t be the same even if one person was missing, but she also gets where Nico is coming from, about keeping the name even if people do leave. Nozomi asks for Eri’s opinion, but she brings out a very good point, saying that it should be one of the underclassmen, like Honoka, to make the final choice as the three graduating shouldn’t have a say in the matter.

On their way home, the remaining six girls talk things over about what they should do now. They have to make a decision on the future of μ’s and it’s not going to be an easy decision to make. They all know this but it’s just forcing themselves to make that choice. The girls go their ways but Umi and Honoka end up back at Honoka’s house where Umi suggests they each think about what to do then come together to talk things over. Once inside her house, Honoka is greeted by her sister as well as Arisa who is over visiting. Arisa is overjoyed to see Honoka and starts talking to her about μ’s and how she’s so excited to join. She’s even practiced the group cheer too. Ugh, that reaction by Honoka, it’s heart wrenching as you know she’s trying her best to look happy and the younger girl’s effort and determination as she really wants to be a part of the group she love so much. Thankfully Yukiho saves the day by telling Arisa that Honoka is trying to concentrate on the upcoming performance, so she shouldn’t take too much of her time with questions. Also, if you didn’t pick up on it, both were watching the Snow Halation performance on the laptop, as you could faintly hear it playing. Still reliving the magic of that ep. Before we cut away from that scene, Yukiho asks Arisa about what she likes more about μ’s, a question that really gets her thinking.

The following sequence is the beginning of where the feels should start happening. We have an emotional montage of the remaining six girls thinking over what they should do about the future of μ’s. May I also add that Maki in the bath, wow that was nice. Also the bathtub she was in was also really nice, candles all around it, wow just lots of goodness in those few brief moments. We cut to Arisa and Yukiho who have gone out to talk things over about something, they’ve arrived at a conclusion and while Arisa take a moment to agree, showing that this decision must be very tough for her to make, but it also must be the right one, she agrees. The next day we find out that this decision is to not join μ’s. It’s just one of the emotional parts to this ep, but it’s a good part. Arisa loves μ’s, but Yukiho made her realize that it’s all nine of them that she loves together in the group, and as much as she adores them, being part of that group just isn’t the same if it’s not those nine girls. (that made no sense I know) She wants to keep admiring μ’s as it is, but at the same time create her own idol group with Yukiho. With tears in her eyes, Honoka finally realizes what the future of μ’s must be then.

The second half of the ep swings from lots of fun to waterworks in a very short amount of time. But before we get to the sad part, it’s time for the girls to enjoy a day off. Honoka has called them all together on a Sunday off to go on a trip around the city, stopping at a place each girl wants to visit. So nine girls, nine locations to visit on this expedition. Sounds like a plan! Also, I must add, Maki was dressed very nicely, that long purple top coat suiting her just fine. So if you need yet another reason to love Maki, she dresses nicely, even on their days off.

Their first stop is the idol shop Hanayo loves. There they see tons of posters and merchandise of μ’s, proving that they really are a popular group. Haha, Umi is so embarrassed about all the things there, including the pictures of herself. They follow it up with a trip to the arcade where they take a try at the dance machines. Nico defeats Honoka, claiming the coveted spot of best dancer in the universe. Quite the title to hold. I also loved Eri and Nozomi’s air hockey game, wow that’s going hard in the paint there. From there they stop by the zoo and visit the penguins and flamingos before hitting up the bowling alley, where Eri discovers her new love for bowling. I know where I’d take her on  a date now. They take a trip to the art museum next as per request by Maki. I know where I’d take her on a date, even though I’m not really into art museum’s, I think I should reevaluate that seeing how Maki likes art. Yes, I’m changing long entrenched like and dislikes in myself because Maki loves them. #AnythingForAnime. The girls also stop by the pond to do some racing in the swan boats before taking a trip to a temple to satisfy the spiritual needs for Nozomi. Also, did you notice how much fun Nico wasn’t having during this part? Check out her face! Next up is the amusement park where the girls go on a few rides before asking Honoka where she’d like to go. Surprising them all, Honoka wants to go to the beach, an empty beach with just the nine of them to view the sights. Umi catches onto why Honoka wants to go there, as there is a reason she picked this place.

After a mad dash to catch the train, they catch it few seconds to spare. Maki takes a seat beside Honoka and asks her if she’s mentally prepared for what’s going to happen. Damn it, Maki was trying to warn us for what was going to happen next! I should’ve been listening to what she was saying instead of admiring her like I usually am. A train ride later and the nine of them are standing on an empty beach looking out at the setting sun over the water. After the eight of the play around for a bit, Honoka standing quietly watching, she finally readies herself for the coming moment. Standing in a line, much like in episode 10 of season 1, they look out over the water as Honoka begins speaking. She explains that the six of them have thought over what to do once Nozomi, Eri and Nico graduate, an they all actually arrived at the same answer on their own. Honoka is leading the group and she counts from 1 then they’ll all say it at the same time. What gets me more the second time I watched this was when Honoka is in the middle of counting, she stops mid sentence to hold back her tears. Man I was just trying my hardest to not tear up myself as I watched this. The emotion in her voice is so great as she’s about to say this, it’s just feels galore incoming like a load of bricks. Collecting herself once more she tries again, this time getting through the count down.

What they all have decided to do once the three graduate, is that once Love Live is over, μ’s will disband.


Begin the crying.

Each of the girls takes a turn explaining that it has to be the nine of them in μ’s, no one else can fill the empty spots. μ’s is something special and only the nine of them make the group. Nico isn’t really thrilled with the choice, as she said to keep the group going, despite having people leaving, but Nozomi and Eri both see the reason behind the choice made. From here it’s crying till the end. Nozomi tries her hardest to hold back tears, but it’s impossible once they’ve started. Nico continues her point saying that when her idol group disbanded, she was really hurt about that, but when she found μ’s, it was a miracle to her. She doesn’t want it to just disappear that quickly, even if she won’t be there anymore. Maki promises that they’ll keep being idols, but μ’s is something only the nine of them can do, no one else can make μ’s. Now as feels heavy as this moment is, I think Honoka kinda ruined it as she suddenly exclaimed that they were going to miss the train. After a mad dash once again to the train station, they find out that there still was time before the train left, so why did Honoka say they needed to go? Her reason was that if they stayed at beach and kept crying, they’d be there too long and actually miss the train. Hmm, okay yeah but still…

Once on the platform though as they await the arrival of the train, after taking a funny picture in the photo booth, they can’t hold the tears back in anymore. Hanayo starts it out and before long, everyone, including Nico who said she wasn’t going to cry, is crying. We have a quick look around at the girls crying and honestly it’s just heartbreaking to watch. More so than those Snow Halation feels, this is what could be a preview for the last ep. The feels hit me hard probably the second time I watched the ep, as even though I knew it was coming, it was still just a painful to watch as the first time. We end the ep with only 1 week remaining before Love Live.

All in all this was the most feels heavy ep I’ve seen in a while. Just wow the tears don’t stop flowing. It’s sad as you know the three of them graduating is something they all knew was going to happen at some point, but as it approaches, it’s harder to accept. It’s like in K-On!! when they’ve gone through everything and have to part ways with Azusa, same type feels. But as sad as it may be, I’m eagerly looking forward to what they last performance together will be like. Sunrise didn’t disappoint with the Snow Halation performance, so I’m looking forward to something just as, or even more, amazing. We’ll have to wait though as there are still 2 more eps before Love Live finally comes to an end.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots from the ep now!


[FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_03.18_[2014.06.19_21.58.08] [FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_03.22_[2014.06.19_21.58.19] [FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_03.33_[2014.06.19_22.01.15]

[FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_06.24_[2014.06.19_22.17.40] [FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_06.29_[2014.06.19_22.17.48]


[FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_09.29_[2014.06.19_22.37.14]

Ericchi in the ending this time!
Ericchi in the ending this time!

So there you have it, Love Live ep 11. A long review, sorry about that, but I really enjoyed this ep a lot, so I wanted to talk about it a lot. But now it’s over and I’ve gotta eat now. Up next I’ll have the Knights of Sidonia ep 11 review as well as the Mahouka review this weekend. Love Live ep 12 review will be posted on Monday as usual with a bunch of final eps next week. Until next time, here’s what to expect!

[FFF] Love Live! S2 - 11 [5B06256B].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.06.19_23.54.12]

Cya in the next post!

Bonus Pic!

A beautiful yet feels heavy pic. Click for full 1920x1080 size!
A beautiful yet feels heavy pic. Click for full 1920×1080 size!

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