We’re closing in on the finale, but there is one more game to win first!

Here’s my review!

From where it started, to where it is now, No Game No Life is like a roller coaster. It’s got good eps and okay eps. This week we’re treated to something special: an amazing ep. I reserve ‘amazing’ for only things that qualify as just that, but I think it’s time I start putting that word in the same sentences as this anime. So we pick up right where we left off last week, Sora and Shiro having a mental breakdown due to the environment of the game they’re in. They think they’re in Tokyo, where they’re not the super awesome gamers they normally are. Thankfully that’s all cleared up as it’s just a city that looks similar to Tokyo, but isn’t actually. Haha, GAME ON!!

Love or Loved 2: Hit Her With Your Bullet of Love, wow that’s quite the name for the game they’re about to play. Nevertheless that’s what they’ve signed up for and there is no backing out. Sora is pretty mad that the world resembles Tokyo, saying that it bring back lots of trauma for him and just isn’t happy with the choice in the world used for the game. Turns out that the design is something very popular with the young people in the Eastern Federation. Huh, nice tastes. Ino Hatsuse explains the rules of the game they’re about to play, it’s pretty simple actually. Firstly, it’s a team based game so Sora, Shiro, Steph and Jibril are all on one team and are up against Izuna. Each person is given a gun type weapon which shoots a love power that makes all the random NPC’s the inhabit the game fall in love with you and give you more love power. However, if Izuna shoots them, they join her side. What Sora, Shiro and gang have to do is get Izuna before she gets them. Sounds easy enough.

So the game begins and it’s a pretty standard shoot ’em up as Sora and gang gun down the attacking NPC’s with ease. Sora asks what happens if someone gets hit by friendly fire, to which Ino Hatsuse explains that you can restore an allies love power if they run out or save people taken by Izuna, but doing so with temporally make said person become a slave to the one who shoots them. Hilarity ensues. Shiro opens this up by shooting Sora (suddenly wincest) but before that really ramps up, Jibril shoots Shiro and suddenly yuri happens. Yes, that was nice. But as it’s only temporary, it wears off quickly and things are all back to normal. Steph shows up very soon after, annoyed at Sora who has yet again left her on her own. Taking out his love gun he shoots her (uh… that didn’t sound as bad as I think it did, did it?) thus making her instantly in love with him, but it’s only to restore her power so it wears off pretty quickly. I like how he also tricked her into shooting herself, thus making her instantly in love with herself, but at the same time Sora figures out the bounce ability of he rounds, making insane bank shots now something to consider.

They continue on with the game, moving through the city while taking down NPC’s. Meanwhile Izuna is busy also being badass and doing pretty well herself. Now arguably the funniest part I’ve seen in anime in a while is Sora getting cockblocked to hell here. Oh my god that just killed my sides there. During the action, he realizes that when a round hits the clothing on the NPC’s, it disappears, so in a sense you can render all the NPC’s, who just so happen to be cute girls, naked. Sora tries this out as he takes the skirt off one, revealing her panties. Lining up an expert shot, he fires and hits the side of her panties, right on the hips, so that it’ll get rid of the side strap thus making them fall. Oh boy is Sora in for a huge surprise when he thinks he’s going to see some naked girls, but instead of being naked, the NPC disappears entirely. Oh his face! Man I was laughing for a good few minutes after this happened. Actually being cockblocked that bad! Oh my god that was just too much!

Back with Izuna, she’s still pondering over Sora’s words to her before they left for the virtual world: “When was the last time you thought a game was fun?” She can’t get over this. In her mind she can’t view this as “fun”; if she loses then she’ll let down lots of people, so this isn’t really a time for “fun”. But enough with that, Shiro is advancing on her hiding place in a server room. Thinking she can take her out with a crazed bank shot, Izuna fires, only to have Shiro dodge. Turns out Shiro is a pro at FPS games and is just a beast when it comes to reading the enemy movements and calculating where to shoot. Shiro does what she does best, which is play to win and Izuna is sent on the run.

I liked the following sequence as Izuna escapes out the window and Jibril is there to chase her in the air. Izuna thinks she’s got a few good shots on her, but Sora is off in another building sniping. Damn that was pretty epic there, as the two of them are falling and shooting back and forth at each other. Now taking a break in between the action, Sora and Shiro strategize and come up with the answer that Izuna is somehow cheating, as her dodging ability is too quick, like a sixth sense or something. Evening falls and Shiro is busy working out a plan to counter this. Shiro arrives at the answer and but in involves her getting shot by Izuna and joining her side. Yeah I kinda thought that was going to happen. Also at this point, Shiro and Jibril have lost some clothing along the way, so they’re getting down to only a few pieces left. Not that I really mind though, well for Shiro yeah because she’s a loli and… well yeah. Jibril on the other hand is good to go.

So Izuna comes out of hiding and shoots Shiro, getting her on her side and against Sora and Jibril. Now it’s up to Sora and Jibril to win, as Steph is too much an airhead to really count on in times of needs. The final sequence of the episode is also pretty epic as well as Jibril faces off against Izuna, buying Sora enough time to track down Shiro and fight her. Sora is having a tough time though, remembering he earlier told Shiro to not run all the time, thus saving energy, something Sora could use more of at this crucial time. Their showdown happens on the rooftop of a tall building and it’s quite short actually, Sora already has a last ditch plan in mind, that be doing the unexpected and charge Shiro who’s shooting at him. You know what they say, run from a knife, but run to a gun. Guess that stands true as Sora is able to tackle Shiro off the side and successfully get her back to the good side. OH, HO! Another cleaver ruse here as it’s revealed that Shiro was never actually ever on Izuna’s side in the first place. When it looked like she was shot, she really just threw a button in the way to block the shot, making it look like she was hit. Shiro is able to then take out the flying Izuna and thus win the game! But Izuna isn’t a person to lose that easily, so she transforms into beast mode and is ready for the bonus round, or as I should put it, episode 12 next week.

All in all I really liked this ep as it was just so fun to watch. I think I like this one more than the chess ep or the ep where Sora and Shiro battle Jibril in that crazy game where they blow up the universe. But as epic as this ep is, it’s the second to last ep, meaning next time is the last ep. Will there be a season 2? Well at this point I really hope so as it feels like there are still many things left untouched in this world. But as of now I haven’t heard if there will be a season 2, maybe at the end of ep 12 there will be something, but I just don’t know.

Here are some screens from the ep!


[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.13_[2014.06.19_01.17.15] [HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.17_[2014.06.19_01.17.23] [HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2014.06.19_01.17.32]

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.25_[2014.06.19_01.17.41] [HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2014.06.19_01.32.59]

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_17.36_[2014.06.19_02.30.02]

Jibril is HOT!
Jibril is HOT!

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_18.27_[2014.06.19_02.31.15]

Panty shot FTW
Panty shot FTW
[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_22.06_[2014.06.19_02.39.58]
Sure is

So that bring us to and end of this No Game No Life review. A very enjoyable ep as this roller coaster anime readies for it’s finale next Wednesday. I do like this anime, but there are just times where I can’t really like it that much; I don’t really see all the hype for it still though, I mean yeah it’s got it’s moments, but it’s nothing to get that worked up over. Meh, whatever the case I’ve liked it thus far, but I’m looking forward to it being over and new anime starting soon.

Up next I’ll have the long awaited and over due Love Live ep 11 review! Yes I usually have it out on Monday, but I’ve been backed up with other reviews, so expect that at some point within in the next 24 hours. After that I’ll have the Knights of Sidonia review then move onto the weekend anime reviews, Mahouka and Love Live once more. Pretty much from Thursday (the 19th) till next Sunday (the 29th) nearly all the spring anime will be ending. In this time I’ll be having lots of WIXOSS reviews come out as well as a 3 part spring anime wrap up post. I’ll talk about all the anime I watched over the spring season, mention what I liked, didn’t like and I’ll give my closing thoughts and a score too. Look forward to that soon, but until next week, this is what to expect!

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.41_[2014.06.19_02.41.13]

Bonus Pics!

Nice Shiro pic here! Click for full size!
Nice Shiro pic here! Click for full size!

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Sexy Jibril pic! Click for full size!
Sexy Jibril pic! Click for full size!

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