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Mahouka continues it’s weekly run with another build up ep as the games draw closer.

In other news, Tatsuya continues to do the impossible (as expected) and Miyuki now has the power to make any girl a lesbian.

Here’s my review.

So last week we left off with a flaming car sliding down the freeway towards a school bus full of high school students. Fun. This week we get that conclusion of that. Not fun.

This should’ve been a prime opportunity to showcase another student’s abilities they have, but no. Why do that when you’ve got a fucking overpowered Gary Stu who can do anything. What I didn’t like about this was the fact Tatsuya was off in the second or third bus and he’s still able to stop this flaming car, where as all the powerful Course 1 Bloom guys and girls are in the front bus and they, for some reason or another, can’t do shit to stop this car. I also should mention that there honestly was no reason for the bus to skid and start sliding sideways. Had it just hugged one of the sides of the road, the car probably could’ve passed by, maybe with a little help from some magic to guide it away from the bus, but really skidding to a stop like that puts the bus in danger of rolling, which would end up probably killing or at least injuring, many of the students. But then again real world logic can’t apply here with Gary being everywhere at once.

I liked how Miyuki was able to do something though, that didn’t bother me other than the fact other students should’ve been showcased in this part. So that whole ordeal is over and done with and the gang make it to their hotel. While exiting the bus, Hanzou Hattori and Takeaki Kirihara banter away about Tatsuya and Miyuki and how they’re so special. One of them actually goes as far as calling Tatsuya a “badass”, to which I gave a disgusted snort mixed with a muttered string of swear words. Then again I do that pretty much whenever Tatsuya does the impossible, which is a lot. Gary also talks about how he knew everything about the car crash and how it took 3 magic spells to crash and car and how they all came from inside the car, meaning it was the driver who was making a suicide run at them. Gary knows all this because he’s Gary. Gary just knows everything and you have to agree with that, okay?

Erika and Mizuki are staying at the hotel too. Wow that sudden shift in this post. Anyways, both these fine ladies are there, dressed in casual clothing. I think this is actually the first time we see them out of their uniform, unless there was another part I’m forgetting about. Oh wait, gym uniforms in that one ep. Okay yeah. If it wasn’t evident already, Mizuki has these boobs that are amplified by the top she’s wearing. Miyuki draws the viewers attention to this fact by saying that she shouldn’t be wearing something so revealing. Hmm, Miyuki, her top was fine, I’m not going to complain about her boobs or what she’s wearing; she looks pretty good.

So the big meet up of the nine schools happens in some big ballroom and it’s a nice time to get out and socialize with others. Erika is also seen again her as she’s dressed as a maid (looking nice as usual) and she talks with Tatsuya about things for a while. Miyuki joins them at some point and Honoka (that girl from ep 2 I think) is there as well. Side point here, Tatsuya is wearing a Course 1 jacket now. I’m not sure if this was an error or he actually was supposed to be wearing one, but he was. Did anyone else notice that? Anyways, Mizuki isn’t out wearing a maid outfit as she’s working in the kitchen along with Leo; meh I wanted to see Mizuki in a maid outfit, I bet she’d have looked really nice.

The reception ends with an opening speech from some top magic guy who opens his speech with some weird trick/test thing that was weird and I didn’t really get at all. Whatever the case apparently only 5 people in the room picked up on this trick/test of his (Gary being one of them) and he (the top magic guy dude person) then goes on to say that if he was a terrorist and such than only 5 people would’ve picked up on this. Whatever I don’t care. So he rambles on about stuff for a bit and people clap, happy about what he had to say. Gary is still in the corner being alone, trying take a drink from an empty glass. What? WHAT? ASK FOR ANOTHER DRINK YOU DUMBASS!

I liked the following scene which was a hot spring scene involving the girls. Yes! Finally something worth watching. One question though: why did they keep their bath robes on while in the water? That didn’t really compute in my mind. Why can’t we just see their naked bodies? Is that too much to ask for? Anyways, so Honoka is first up in the boob grabbing, because she’s got this big rack now (I wonder how she was able to get them into her uniform?) and her boobs are grabbing and played with. Alright. By the way Shizuku Kitayama is Honoka’s friend, I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s now in the secondary cast of people along with Yuiko Enomoto (Eimi Akechi) and some other girls who I’m not sure have been introduced before or it they have I can’t remember it.

So anyways Miyuki is on her way into the bath to join the rest of the girls. We see her showering first, a scene that was honestly too short, because we need to see more Miyuki showering as that’s going to be something actually worthwhile to see happen in an episode. So Miyuki joins the girls in the bath and the boob grabbing of Honoka has now stopped. So Miyuki takes her seat with the girls and instantly they’re in love with her. But in all honesty, seeing Miyuki wrapped in only a bath robe would be a sight that would get anyone’s heart racing. It’s funny how all the girls suddenly realize they have an inner lesbian side to them that has come into the foreground now that Miyuki has presented herself for them all. While she doesn’t have a big rack like the others, she’s definitely got a perfect body (as we all remember seeing her sporting that light blue bra and matching panties in ep 3). So all the girls are admiring her, I’m admiring her, and I’m sure everyone else was admiring her too. Honestly if there was more Miyuki and less Gary, I’d keep watching this one, but I’m already going to pull the plug in July.

The usual topic is brought up when girls get together (hey girls who read my blog, is this actually a topic that’s brought up a lot?) about who they like and what type of guy they’re into. It’s mentioned that Masaki Ichijou aka Crimson Prince (that not so jacked dude we first see a few eps ago as well as in this ep) was admiring Miyuki, which is kinda hard not to do. When the conversation shifts to Miyuki being more into guys like her brother, Miyuki states that she doesn’t see her bother as a love interest. Wait, what? Did you just kill the wincest that you started? What the fuck?! Miyuki and Tatsuya have these wincest moments all the time, looking passionately into each others eyes, talking like two love birds, she stripped to undergarments before his eyes, pushed her boobs into his back, asks him to see her as a woman and not his sister, then she straight up denies having any sort of wincest relationship with him?! What the fuck Miyuki! I thought you wanted to have more that sibling love towards your brother?!

The ep ends with that Spirit Magic dude, Mikihiko Yoshida, out practicing in the woods, he senses bad guys, tries to take ’em out, but Gary shows up and beats him to the punch. BECAUSE GARY IS JUST EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. WHY?! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?! I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS SHIT!

What the fuck man.
What the fuck man.

Episode over.

Highlights to take away from this ep: Miyuki is still one of the best imouto’s out there. I don’t think she can beat out that top spot Kiniro has in my rankings, but Miyuki comes in close behind her. Haha, it’s funny though as Miyuki’s voice actress also voiced Ayase Aragaki in Oreimo who also had romantic feelings towards Kyousuke who is Kirino’s brother who is voiced by the same guy who voices Tatsuya. If you know what I’m talking about than it should all make sense for you and we can all laugh about it and how ironic it is. But I like Kirino more. She’s an awesome imouto.

Another highlight: Miyuki also has a nice body. Having a cute imouto with a hot body, damn that’s like… lucky. Tatsuya you don’t deserve her. No Gary Stu should get to have such a perfect imouto like Miyuki, life doesn’t need to be that unfair.

Guys I’m done reviewing this ep.



So that’s all for this review for Mahouka ep 10. Overall I’m just watch because of Miyuki at this point, she’s so beautiful and I love her each time she’s there. I guess the wincest has come to and end according to Miyuki’s words in the hot spring, but if something does happen between those two after I stop watching this, be sure to let me know. Also if there is a beach ep at some point, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME OKAY? I WANT TO SEE MIYUKI IN A BIKINI. Please and thank you.

Up next I’ll have my late review for Knights of Sidonia ep 9 then I’ll be taking a look at Love Live ep 10 by tomorrow. Yes I know I’ve been saying this for the past few weeks, but I’m going to aim to have the WIXOSS ep 4 review at sometime soon. Alright then I’m finished here and I’ll cya again next week for more ranting away. Keep in mind all my reviews for next weekend will be delayed, you ca read more about that here.

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 10 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.37_[2014.06.08_15.02.18]

I’ll cya in the next post!

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