So just a quick heads up about the reviews next weekend.

I’m going to be really busy all next weekend (Friday 13th-Sunday 15th) so I won’t have my reviews for Knights of Sidonia ep 10, the finale for Date A Live II, Mahouka ep 11 and Love Live ep 11 out at their usual time. Monday will be a catch up day where you can expect to see some reviews. I may just reblog reviews for Mahouka and Sidonia too if I don’t feel like writing one either. I will have the review for the finale of Date A Live II though, as I’ll have my closing comments on it, and of course I never skip a Love Live review as well.

Alright then I just wanted to give you a heads up now so you’re not raging at why my reviews are late. I’ll a few reminders over the next few days as well. Until then, enjoy the reviews!