Here we are again for another Black Bullet review! This time around we’re introduced to yet another loli! Yeah if it wasn’t obvious before, it’s clear now that Rentaro is building a loli harem.

Here’s my review!

All in all this week’s ep was quite calm and, dare I say it, boring. Yes it’s definitely leading up to a big battle next time so this week we didn’t have that much happen with Rentaro, Enju and Tina. But we did have a new loli introduced to the group. If you recall to last week, we learned that the Gastrea have attacked Monolith 32 and it will be destroyed in a few days time. Another one is being built but by the time it finished, the Gastrea may have already ended humanity in the Tokyo area.

To counter this Seitenshi order Rentaro to make up an adjuvant to combat the incoming hoards of Gastrea. Rentaro added the Katagiri siblings, Tamaki and his imouto Yuzuki, to his fighting group. But more people are still needed as they’re facing 2000 Gastrea after all, and they’ll need an adequate force to fight them. While in the stand by camp where they’re waiting before being sent out, Rentaro runs into a former practitioner of the Tendo Style martial arts, as well as a friend of his too. Shouma Nagisawa and his loli Fuse Midori accept the invitation to join the club and are looking forward to fighting along side Rentaro and his merry band of folks. Side note here: Fuse Midori, aside from being another cute loli (maybe my favorite) she’s also got cat ears so I guess you can call her a nekomimi. She’s also a Model Cat Initiator Ha!

So anyways we close the ep with Rentaro and Kisara trying to further their relationship. Oh yeah, Kisara has also joined the adjuvant, much to Rentaro’s disapproval, but insists she’s good to go. Anyways, so Rentaro and Kisara try to have an intimate conversation at the end of the episode, but they’re cut short as everyone has to interrupt them in the usual fashion that always happens.

On a whole this was a pretty calm ep, not much big happened and it’s just getting us ready for war in the next ep. So who’s up for some predictions about what’s to come? After thinking it over I think Enju will be the final boss Rentaro will have to face, maybe even some blast from the past Gastrea that brings back old memories for Rentaro. After all Enju’s nearly at the halfway point of corrosion and once she passes that point, it’s game over. I’m guessing that she’ll turn, Rentaro will be distraught, then have to face off against her; somewhere in that battle he’ll beat her and turn her back into a human, but at the same time getting rid of her powers. Seems kinda likely as her corrosion thing hasn’t been brought up for a while now. What about you, have any thoughts on how this will proceed as we close in on the finale? What about who’s going to die in the final battle? I’ve got a feeling Tina might be in for some rough times and Kisara might have troubles of her own too. As for the other two teams, hmm, they could go either way at this point. There haven’t been any obvious death flags flying yet, but I’m sure it’s clear not everyone will walk away from this battle.

Let’s take a look at some screen caps from the ep.

Why are they so angry?
Why are they so angry?

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 09 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_21.34_[2014.06.04_12.26.10]

Oh with the drama!
Oh with the drama!

And there is the Black Bullet ep 9 review! A short one I know, but it wasn’t the most action packed ep. Hopefully next week will have a decent battle, but only time will tell. Up next I’ll have the review for the highly anticipated ep 9 of No Game No Life. I’m sure you’ve already seen it so you know what happens, but I’m a bit late to the show, so I’ll watch that then work on the review for a posting later on tonight. Hopefully. Like I’ve been saying for a while now, I’ll try to have the ep 4 review for Selector Infected WIXOSS out this week as well.

Alright then, here’s what to expect next week!

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 09 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_23.29_[2014.06.04_12.32.43]

Cya in the next post!

Bonus pic!

A lovely pic of Fuse by kazenokaze. Click for glorious full size!
A lovely pic of Fuse by kazenokaze. Click for glorious full size!

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