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I’m back with my Mahouka reviews! But returning to review this anime has also brought on some new feelings, negative ones that have impacted what the future of my reviews is leading up to.

Here’s my review.

Okay so in this ep we don’t have that much happen. Tatsuya is well, more of his usual self, Miyuki shines like she always does, Mizuki has a strange encounter with some Spirits and Mayumi wore a nice dress. That pretty much my super ultra condensed review and I don’t really feel like talking about this ep anymore. On with the rant now!

With that out of the way I’ll talk about the realization that I finally accepted: Tatsuya is broken on god-mode and it’s not fun watching this. Honestly the only reason I picked this anime up was because I heard of the Tatsuya x Miyuki wincest and I was all down for that, but now 9 eps in I’m not entertained anymore. It’s not fun watching Tatsuya one hit kill everyone, get all the girls with a few witty lines or spout off all this tech speak as if we’re supposed to know exactly what the fuck he’s talking about already. Overall it’s just not fun, enjoyable, entertaining or worth putting 24 minutes aside each Saturday night to sit down in a comfortable position and let your eyes be subjected to this.

It also makes me think about how I’d have to review this anime till October, something that doesn’t sit well with me. Honestly Mahouka is just another anime about an overpowered MC winning at everything he does. To chalk it all up: it’s not fun at all. Tatsuya is too perfect in all ways to break a nail, he’s like Kirito from Sword Art Online. Yeah we all know SAO and sure there were good parts to it, but Kirito is the same as Tatsuya, broken on god-mode. He did things that should’ve been possible, he won battles at the drop of a hat and he was just showboating his way through the whole damn game. I got into it a bit more when his sister showed up and some wincest started to happen, but by the end it was just all meh and for some reason all the plebs think it’s king shit.

I get the feeling I should be retracting statements I’ve previously made in reviews, looking back at them now with a different outlook yeah they’re out of line and don’t really go hand in hand with where I am now. Let’s start fresh here, a new post and a new outlook. After thinking it over I’m going to drop Mahouka when the summer season starts and pick up new anime to watch/review. Like I mentioned, the thought of reviewing this till October isn’t something that makes me sleep well at night because I’ll get bored of talking about how Tatsuya one hit killed another ” all powerful” bad guy. Honestly being a Gary Stu must be pretty lame, I mean at some point wouldn’t you get bored of just winning so easily? Any search for a guy stronger than you always ends the same as you beat him with some new found ability that you pulled outta your ass. Whoever thought up the Gary Stu character type is an idiot, I don’t know why you’d want to write a character like that.

The main problem with the Gary Stu character type is that they lack all the human aspects  and things just work out for said character even if all logic points the other way. I can’t ever see the reason to have a Gary Stu in a story as it detracts from pretty much everything else. I like a main character, or hero, who is still a human being, someone who bleeds when they’re cut, shows emotions when needed, has personal problems and doesn’t always beat the bad guy in a fight. I like seeing that in a character as it’s easier to relate to. We all make mistakes, even people who are usually good all the time, you know why, because we’re human. No one is perfect and making a Gary Stu character isn’t what perfection is either, it’s like an easy way out of anything, having everything just work out for you no matter what the situation is.

Tatsuya pisses me off because he lacks humanity in every way possible. Sure it’s alluded that his powers aren’t your run of the mill magic shit, but for the love of God that’s by no means some excuse to have the world revolve around him. Why can’t he ever trip and fall? Why can’t he mess up? Why can’t he lose a battle once and a while? Why can’t he face a bad guy who is just all around better and has to use actual skill to face him? Sure I’m probably getting too worked up over all this, but really 26 eps of some guy winning at everything he does loses appeal very quickly.

There are things I like about Mahouka actually. Miyuki is very cute, she’s a reason I’d keep watching. I like the animation of it too, it’s high production and things look good. I also liked some tracks on the OST as well. There was this one track in particular that was played only twice (it was also in a PV) but I really like that one a lot. I’ll probably get the OST for that one track. I like the voice cast too, some of my favorites are in this anime. But even with all these points, I’m still not really down for the idea of watching Tatsuya winning at everything for another 4 months. Ugh, no.

The summer anime season comes a savior actually, there are many anime that I’m looking forward to. For instance: Rail Wars! looks exciting. The ‘new edit’ version of Psycho-Pass will be a nice way to get hyped for season 2 later this fall. Aldnoah.Zero looks like another badass mech anime. Then again pretty much any anime that Hiroyuki Sawano has a hand in is gonna be epic. And while I don’t know much about it, Akame ga Kill! is another one that I’ve seen hype for. I’m also looking forward to Glasslip, the new P.A. Works anime as well as Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita. (as it’s another idol anime), Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (as I really love Dogakobo) and Hanayamata too.

With that said, when the summer anime season kicks off, my reviews for Mahouka will come to an end. Hopefully they’ll have wrapped up this current arc and I can leave in a good point. I might check back in periodically just to see how things are going and I’ll read some reviews, but on a whole I’m going to make room for bigger and better anime to watch. Hell, I may even pick up some back log anime too!  If there are some good wincest parts with Tatsuya and Miyuki in the eps after I stop, be sure to let me know so I can watch those moments, after all that’s the only reason I picked this one up in the first place. Seriously I’m not joking here, I probably mentioned it in my ep 1 review but that was my main reason to watching this anime.

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Alright then, I’ve probably covered everything so its time to bring this review to an end. Up next I’ll have my review for Date A Live II ep 8 as Kurumi continues her domination of badassery and being so sexy, then I’ll have my weekly look at Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2. Look forward to those reviews and I’ll cya in the next post!

 Bonus Pics!

Nice Tatsuya x Miyuki pic here. Click for full size!
Nice Tatsuya x Miyuki pic here. Click for full size!

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Another nice Tatsuya x Miyuki pic for you to enjoy! Click for full size!
Another nice Tatsuya x Miyuki pic for you to enjoy! Click for full size!

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