With Tohka still captured, it’s up to Shido and his only comrade in arms, Kurumi, to rescue her.

Here’s my review.

Picking up where we left off, Shido and Kurumi are surrounded by a massive crowd of people under Miku’s mind control thing courtesy of Gabriel. But with Kurumi it’s easy to get through this crowd and back into the auditorium; but remember how Miku hates men? Well now that Shido is back to being himself, and not crossdressing as Shiroi anymore, Miku is very hostile and summons Gabriel once more in order to capture him and Kurumi. But remember it’s Kurumi we’re dealing with here. Even though Miku has the whole auditorium full of people at her command, including 3 Spirits, Kurumi is able to subdue all the students in a few moments forcing Kaguya, Yuzuru and Yoshino into battle now. Summoning her clone army, Kurumi goes to battle with the 3 Spirits.

While this is happening, Shido and a few Kurumi’s head to Miku’s position and capture her and put her into a kind of pocket dimension with Shido so they can talk things over and hopes of coming to an agreement. Negotiations grind to a halt as Miku is unwilling to stand down and release the people under control. Before Shido can press the matter anymore, asking why Miku has so much hate towards humans, Kurumi says their time is up and they have to be going. Her clone army has fallen to the 3 Spirits and it’s time to make a strategic retreat.


Back outside Shido and Kurumi have a quick regroup chat in a nearby alleyway as they talk about their next move. I love how Kurumi asks to be patted on the head, she’s cute that way. Had I been able to turn the subs off, I’d have gotten some better screen shots of her during this whole scene, but thanks to FUNi I can’t do that. Meh. Anyways, Kurumi reports that she also know were Tohka is being held as well, something that is music to Shido’s ears.

Meanwhile back where Tohka is being held, at the DEM Building 1 (the big tall one) Ellen and Isaac Westcott are talking with Tohka. It’s reveled that he’s trying to harness the power from Tohka so he can use it in bad ways. Pretty standard bad guy stuff actually, get power to fuck shit up. Nothing new there. Anyways he can’t get the power from Tohka because her presence in the world is too stable, he needs her to be more unbalanced to harness her power. So his plan is to get her amped up through torture. He makes mention of a few things his has in mind: electrical shocks, oxygen deprivation, and peeling off her nails. He also lists shaving her teeth and alludes to rape. Geez, this guy. But Tohka only really gets on edge when he mentions killing someone close to her, case and point being Shido.

Back outside Shido and Kurumi have reached the building; it’s time to go on the offensive now! Summoning her clone army once more, they face off against the hoards of Bandersnatches as Shido and Kurumi sneak past and get into the building. Classic diversion plan but it’s one that usually always works. As the two of them move closer to the building though, Kurumi suddenly gets vaporized! What? In flies Mana Takamiya! What?! Kurumi decides that since Mana is now here, Shido should be fine with her to continue the rescue operation; bidding them farewell, Kurumi vanishes into the shadows once again. Mana also brings an ear piece for Shido, turns out that Kotori and gang up in the air are back to their normal selves and not under Miku’s control anymore.

We check back in with Miku for a few moments as she’s now starting to ponder over Shido’s words of helping him save Tohka from the DEM. Miku is conflicted in trying to decide on what to do, but it’s looking like she’s going to help him out. We also check in with Origami who is also determined to make her way to Shido’s position and help him out, despite the face she’s in the hospital. Back on the ground, Mana and Shido have finally reached the building and are about to enter when they come face to face with Jessica and the Scarlet Licorice. Leaving the two to battle, Shido continues into the building, only to get nearly killed by more DEM troops inside. Summoning Sandalphon once more, he’s able to fight his way out before getting injured in the process. With blood dripping from his wound, Shido presses forward to find and rescue Tohka!

So all in all I liked this ep as it had more Kurumi being awesome and good battle sequences. Next time I’m guessing we’ll see Origami and Miku show up again and hopefully we get to see Kurumi again before this season ends.

So that brings an end to this. I’m trying to keep my reviews shorter so they don’t take as long to write, but even so they take over an hour in total. What I do is rewatch the ep and get screen shots, then usually pause at the half way point to write my thoughts on the first bit of it, upload the pics then repeat from the halfway point to the end. The longest part is the uplaoding of the pics part. Even though I’ve got a good connection, PNG pics are larger in size and do take a bit longer to upload. If I used JPG’s I could have things moving much faster, but they quality isn’t as good. So I take the quality over speed this time and the end result is it looks nicer.

Alright then up next I’ll have the review for the best ep of the entire spring anime season. Okay that may be a bit of a stretch, but ep 9 of Love Live was by far one of the best eps I have ever seen. That review will probably be a bit longer as I’ll really be talking about it and having lots of pics. Look forward to that in a few hours, but until then enjoy these Kurumi bonus pics!

I’ll cya in the next post!

[HorribleSubs] Date A Live S2 - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_24.05_[2014.06.02_13.16.45]

Bonus pics!

Cute Kurumi pic! Click for full size!
Cute Kurumi pic! Click for full size!

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Sexy Kurumi pics! Click for full size!
Sexy Kurumi pics! Click for full size!

Pixiv Link!

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