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Back again for another Knights of Sidonia review!

This time we’ve got an intense battle to kick things off, followed by some in depth back story on some of the characters.

Here’s my review.

Last week we ended with a squad of Gardes en-route to face some Gauna that have taken the form of Gardes. And just to add a little bit extra goodness to this battle, one of the Gauna-Gardes is Shizuka Hoshijiro Garde. Last week we saw Hoshijiro die in the last battle with the Gauna, but now they’re using her mech against the humans in this battle. Man, just how smart are these Gauna?

But not only are the Gauna using Hoshijiro’s Garde, but they’ve got her com channel too, so during the battle all the pilots can her Hoshijiro call in her kills and laugh in this skin crawlingly creepy way. Seriously when she first started laughing, ugh, I twitched. I’m glad I was watching this during the day as that probably would’ve scared the shit outta me had I watched this at 1AM. But I’m not the only one creeped out by the laugh of the dead girl’s voice, Kunato is having a very hard time concentrating on the battle as Hoshijiro’s voice is flowing through all their coms. In a way Kunato killed Hoshijiro as he was trying to fuck with Nagate but in the process Hoshijiro ended up dying. Damn you Kunato, I hope you come to a bad end at some point.

Trailing behind the Gauna-Garde is what appears to be what looks like a body, but not any body, the body of the fallen pilot, Hoshijiro. Getting a request from the EBD (whatever that stands for) they want to get a sample of the Gauna-Garde, so Nagate goes to collect the sample before heading back into the action. Meanwhile the rest of the Gardes have cleaned house, taking down 2 of the 3 Gauna-Gardes, the last one giving them some trouble. Kunato’s squad finally arrives to engage it, but by this point Kunato is a nervous wreck and can’t function properly anymore. He lets the Gauna slip past him, Hoshijiro’s creepy laughing still coming through the coms into his helmet. It’s now up to Ren and Hou to take the Gauna down, but Hou gets killed before they can lay the hammer down. Enraged by the death of her sister, Ren engages the Gauna and nearly gets herself killed before Nagate arrives moments before her death, pushing back the Gauna and sending it running away. Mission over.

The second half of the ep is pretty much one big info dump where we get lots of back story on characters such as Kobayashi and the huge bear thing also know as Lala Hiyama. I can’t imagine seeing Hiyama in a Garde, that is something that does not sit well in my mind. In this back story we see the devastation of what happens when a Gauna comes in contact with a human, it kills pretty much every last single one of them. Yeah not good. So on a whole I had a bit of trouble pieces together everything from the second half of the ep; something about Immortals and how Nagate is one of them and Hiyama is pissed off at Kobayashi about this and someone’s brain.

All in all it’s important to the story somehow and it all works out, but I’m just not going to go too in depth here as it’s too confusing to explain things. I will say though that Kobayashi  looked pretty badass in her pilots uniform and that sword fight scene was pretty awesome too. I love those masks those guards had, damn that was pretty awesome. But the interesting part comes at the very ending, where we see Hoshijiro alive again? What? I remember seeing her get killed in ep 7, but apparently what was encased in that thing Nagate recovered was her. But she’s not referred to as Hoshijiro anymore but Hawk Moth, not sure why but I hope that in the coming eps things will be explained.

I get the feeling though that there is too much left to explain and not enough time. Sidonia feels like it should be a 24 ep anime but it’s only 12; where it currently lies I’m not sure if everything will be wrapped up in time. Does this mean a season 2 maybe, I’m not sure, but I hope we don’t get some Magical Warfare ending where the whole fucking game changes then it ends. Side note: on a whole, as terrible as Magical Warfare was, it wasn’t all that bad by the ending. Sure it sucked balls at times and the animation looked pretty awful, by the ending I wanted more (not just because of how it ended) because it felt like there was still an overall story that wasn’t fully told. The cliffhanger ending killed me as I wasn’t expecting it and… wait I’m off topic even for a side note. Uh… let’s end this how about.

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 08 (720p) [60A395B7].mkv_snapshot_21.48_[2014.05.31_01.49.49] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 08 (720p) [60A395B7].mkv_snapshot_22.08_[2014.05.31_01.50.14] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 08 (720p) [60A395B7].mkv_snapshot_22.11_[2014.05.31_01.50.20] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 08 (720p) [60A395B7].mkv_snapshot_22.25_[2014.05.31_01.53.54]

So there is another review out of the way. I hope you’re enjoying Knights of Sidonia, I’m liking it myself too. So up next I’ll go back to Date A Live II with a review of ep 8, it’s got more Kurumi action so look forward to that. I’m sticking with the FUNi version as FFF is very delayed now and I’m not sure when they’ll be back up to the regular release schedule. So quickly what we’ll be dealing with next time in Knights of Sidonia looks like this. I’ve also got one bonus pic too.


Bonus Pic!

Random pic I found. Click for full size
Random pic I found. Click for full size

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