I’m back again with reviews for No Game No Life! Yes it’s been a while but what better ep to come back for reviews than this one. Oh boy we’ve got an ending that leaves us dangling on the edge of a cliff! But first, how we reached that point.

Here’s my review!

Most of the ep is spent actually in one location, that being the Eastern Federation Elkia Embassy boardroom, where Sora and Shiro pick apart the  Warbeasts and challenges them to playing some video games. His bet though is something Steph can’t fathom: Sora bets all of Imanity using the Race Piece, something that’s never been done before. Trust Sora to come up with something outrageous like that and then go with it.

However, being that Sora and Shiro come from a world where video games are the main source of entertainment, and also the fact they are the Blank and the Blank never looses (no matter what the game) Sora’s confident that they can pull out a win, even if Steph can’t figure out how. The town people aren’t also too thrilled that they’re all being used in Sora’s bet as if he loses, well it’s not going to be good.

So while on a whole I don’t actually have much to talk about for most of this ep, maybe we should just move to the ending part and get to the juicy bits now. So before this ep ends we have a scene that starts off seemingly normal, but each change in the shot is a bit glitched out. Yeah that makes no sense, but I’m assuming you’ve watched it so you know what I’m talking about. ANYWAYS, Sora and Shiro and sitting playing a game when Sora mentions “they’re late” and “it’s been a week”. Steph thinks he’s just referring to the Eastern Federation naming a date for their game, yes it’s about that, but Sora states that before that game, he’s “waiting for someone with more backbone”. Hmm?

At this point everyone stops and looks down to the far side of the room where I assume someone is standing, but this mystery person is never shown. The glitches continue with each change in angle and if warning bells aren’t going off yet, well you’re not paying attention enough. Something big is in the process of happening. Okay so before I continue, a key point that is presented for us to take note of: the date of the 19th; this is shown repeatedly and normally when something like that happens we’re supposed to take notice of it. Moving on then, Sora welcomes said person saying “You kept me waiting too long” I’m guessing this means mystery person had to travel some distance to arrive at the castle. The camera pans up but cuts to another angle of Sora and Shiro (things are still glitched out) as they both look off towards this person. Here’s my first thought: was anyone even there? Sora continues on a conversation as if someone should be there, but there are no replies from this mystery person. More dialog from Sora as he says: “I know what you want” followed by “anytime is fine”. This has to refer to some kind of deal or game of some sort.

From here Sora turns back to Shiro and tells her to listen carefully. He goes on to say he believes in her, they’re bound by a promise, the two of them are always one, and they’re not heroes of any kind. This conversation is also glitched out with every change in the shot (something which I thought was pretty cool). Sora goes on to say they always win a game before they start followed by how he’s going to get the last piece needed to beat the Eastern Federation. Turning around he departs leaving Shiro very confused (as was I) before trying to run after him. Reaching out she tries to grab his shirt but he disappears and the world suddenly becomes black and white. Sora’s voice is heard saying “Now, let’s begin the game”.

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The end credits begin to roll but like the part leading up to it, they are very glitched out as well and there are points where the usual credits cut away to showing scenes of Sora and Shiro’s room and computer set up (I’m guessing that’s what it was) and a random space shot of something bright. I really liked the audio glitches too and the overall grayish color scheme used in the end credits. Following the credits we’ve got one last scene. It starts out with Shiro waking up in the morning and she reaches out to where Sora would normally be sleeping beside her, except he’s not there. Steph walks in moments later and finds her curled up in the corner of the bed (panty shot by the way) as we all remember what happens when Sora and Shiro get a certain distance apart from each other. Asking for her older brother, Steph is confused as she has no idea who this “brother” Shiro speaks of is. Uh oh. Shiro checks her phone contacts as Sora would obviously be the only one in there, but to her surprise she has no one listed in the contacts! She then remembers his departure and the moment where she tried to reach out to grab hold of him and it’s becoming clear that Sora might not be around anymore. Key point here: when Shiro puts her phone down, the date of the 21st is clearly visible, meaning a few days have passed since Sora disappeared. Looking at Steph now, Shiro comes out and asks her straight up: where is Sora? To her surprise, Steph has no idea who Sora is.


The preview offers not much to go on as it’s Shiro narrating, saying that she won’t let go of his hand because she thinks he’d take her soul with him. The next ep is also called ‘SkyWalk’.

Alright then, so what has happened to Sora? Where did he go? Why can no one, except for Shiro, remember him? And why can’t next week come any faster? We’re left with so many questions and we all want answers badly. Based on the events in this ep I’m going to take a stab saying that maybe instead of getting his memories erased, Sora as a whole was erased. I’m not sure how or by whom, or where he went to, but I’m kinda taking a guess saying that’s what’s happened to him.

Next week should be a good ep, I’m really excited for it and I hope you are too. So after watching this one, what are your theories on what happened? If you’ve read the light novel, please no spoilers though, I want this to be a surprise for me.

That brings me to a close with this review, I’ll be back with another review tomorrow, I think WIXOSS ep 4, so look forward to that. I’ll also have my Date A Live II ep 7 review out soon too, sorry for being late with that one. Now as I didn’t have any bonus pics for Black Bullet, please enjoy a good dosage of No Game No Life pics.

I’ll cya in the next post!

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.42_[2014.05.28_19.28.22] [HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.44_[2014.05.28_19.28.29]


So I didn’t notice this the first time, but in the ending credits sequence, Sora is actually removed entirely. Had it not been mentioned in another review I read, I’d have never noticed that at all.  There are actually quite a few changes in the credits sequence and to highlight them all I found a really good video on YouTube that someone put together that shows the differences between the two. Please watch it and notice the changes!

*watch in HD as well

Bonus pics!

Really nice artwork here, I like this guy's style. Click for full size!
Really nice artwork here, I like this guy’s style. Click for full size!

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A nice Jibrilpic here. Click for full size!
A nice Jibril pic here. Click for full size!

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One more Jibril pic! Click for full size!

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And I've gotta have at least one Steph pic in here. Click for full size
And I’ve gotta have at least one Steph pic in here. Click for full size!

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