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War on two fronts! Ruko starts to enjoy herself as she battles Hitoe while Yuzuki fights an emotionally charged grudge match against the annoying bitch Akira. The spiral into darkness continues as events keep unfolding.

Here’s me review!

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It’s all fun and games for those two…
Back again for another WIXOSS review, it’s strange watching ep 3 again after seeing the events of ep 8. If you’ve gotten that far then you’ll understand when I say: “HOLY SHIT IT’S HAPPENING!”  But man the ending to that ep, wow… Anyways before we reach that we’ve gotta see how things get to that point, and boy do things get rough quick. Ep 3 starts off with Hitoe and Ruko in the library, a favorite place that Hitoe likes to come a lot. She’s picked a quiet corner where not many people drop by, so they can battle in peace. We learn that Hitoe has only recently gotten her deck of cards and her battle with the bitchy Akira was actually her first venture into the harsh world of WIXOSS. Not a good way to start though. Her reason for wanting to battle Ruko is because in her eyes Ruko looked like a weak opponent who she could easily beat, thus taking one step closer to fulfilling her wish. Hitoe’s wish, remember, is to make friends, as she’s very lonely right now. A key point to take note of here is Hitoe’s notebook she has; it’s something where she writes down battle tips and other important things. Her notebook will be an important piece in the coming eps, you’ll see why.

Akira vs. Yuzuki, there will only be one winner
Akira vs. Yuzuki, there will only be one winner

As all this is happening though, Yuzuki and Akira are beginning their battle. Remember back to last time, Yuzuki is quite upset about seeing her twin brother Kazuki hanging out with the card shop girl Momoka and after exchanging words with Ruko, left the scene on the brink of tears. Akira, who has been searching all over for her to battle her, found her in a park later on that afternoon. With her emotions still very strong, Yuzuki accepts Akira’s offer to battle and jumps headlong into a battle that will change her quite a bit.

Already into the battle, Yuzuki is realizing that she might be in for a lot. Remember Akira has the Peeping Analyze which destroyed Hitoe last time; Yuzuki knows about this and tries to counter it by opening up with heavy attacks, trying to get Akira on the defensive so she can’t use that move. A few moves later, Akira points out that Yuzuki’s play style is very straightforward, something that Kazuki had warned her about the night before. Now Yuzuki is really riled up. Play continues and it’s come time for Akira to roll out her Peeping Analyze move, the one Yuzuki dreads. Not only does Yuzuki lose a few cards to this move, but Akira uncovers Yuzuki’s wish, something she doesn’t want anyone to know about. If ep 2 didn’t give it away already, this moment really does confirm anyone thoughts, Yuzuki loves her twin brother Kazuki, and her wish is to make their relationship possible. So yes, confirmed wincest here. Akira reacts in her usual fashion, saying all kinda of bad things to her, but that only gets Yuzuki even more riled up. She doesn’t want anyone getting in the way of her wish being fulfilled, and starts to play in a very uncontrolled way, launching into attacks and not really thinking her moves through.

Back with Hitoe and Ruko, as much as she’s enjoying herself, Ruko realizes that if she wins this battle, Hitoe will be down 2 games and will be that much further away from getting her wish granted. Easing off the attack, Ruko starts to let Hitoe win, but Tama calls her out on that, saying she she doesn’t want to lose. Hitoe catches on as well and explains that she wants to win fairly and not because Ruko let her. As much as Ruko doesn’t want to beat her, Hitoe insists that they play fair and let the better player win. In the end, Ruko defeats Hitoe, giving her another loss making it 2 at this point, and Tama gets a level up, meaning she can actually start talking normally now too. Some inner dialog from Ruko in this scene is important as she realizes that having a real battle is so much fun! She loves the excitement and wants to keep experiencing that feeling. Another key part is when Tama levels up and gets bigger; dialog from Midoriko explains what’s happened to Tama; when Selectors get closer to becoming an Eternal Girl, the more powerful the LRIG’s get. Ruko keeps on saying she has no wish, yet things are happening that suggest she does have a wish, it’s just not evident yet. Ep 6 & 7 get into that a lot more, so be sure to continue watching to find out the answers! Back in the real world Ruko asks Hitoe if they could be friends, putting aside all the WIXOSS stuff, and just hang out at times. Still very shy and timid, Hitoe says she’ll think about it before collecting her things and leaving the library.

Later on back at home Ruko gets a call from Kazuki, saying that he can’t get in touch with Yuzuki. Meeting up with Kazuki a while later, they both come to the same conclusion that she must have battled Akira, even though she wasn’t strong enough to do so. After some searching they find Yuzuki and as learn that she indeed did lose against Akira. Kazuki encourages her though as he has a new card for her, one that he acquired through a recent trade. It turns out, that meet up with Momoka was to go see another card holder and hopefully trade to get a certain card. Kazuki didn’t tell Yuzuki about this because he didn’t want to get her hopes up in case the deal didn’t go well. Even with this new card, Yuzuki is still very emotional and tells Kazuki to leave her alone for a while, saying that he’ll never understand how she feels, hinting at wincest there but it flies over both Ruko and Kazuki.

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The ep ends with Akira arriving at work, we see Iona there as well, but this scene is mainly about Akira. She’s won two battles already but it angry because she wants to see changes happening to grant her wish. Her LRIG, Piruruku, states that certain conditions must also be met before things can finally start happening. Threatening to rip the card in half if Piruruku doesn’t tell her about the conditions, Akira rages as Piruruku hold her ground and doesn’t say a word about the conditions. The final scene is with Iona’s LRIG, Urisu, telling her that she’s sensed Akira’s victory and says they should just finish her now. Iona isn’t so quick to battle Akira and tells Urisu to pipe down on she’ll burn her.

Overall I enjoyed this ep as it builds on more of what we already know, as well as introduces us to Iona and her LRIG too. We also learn what Yuzuki’s wish is and just how important it is to her. In the coming eps we’ll find out how far she’ll go to make sure it’s granted, as well as the effects it has on the people around her. Ruko’s character is also undergoing changes as well, we see as she’s won her first battle in this ep and feels the excitement she gets while battling; keep points like this in mind for the coming eps as when things start to pick up, they’ll be important. By this point it’s pretty obvious we’re in for lots of suffering all around, things will not be so joyous in the coming eps but by then will it be too late to back out?

I’m caught up with the latest ep now and it’s just mind blowing the things that are happening, I really want more people to be watching this anime as it’s really got a story that’s super engaging and one you won’t be able to see what’s gonna happen next. WIXOSS has got me hooked and I’m eagerly waiting for the next ep to be out. If you’re watching WIXOSS right now, how are you liking it? What did you think after ep 8? I can only echo the statements of the guy who got me into this anime in the first place:

I totally understand what he means, and once you start watching WIXOSS, you too will realize that it really is that good.

Let’s take a look at a few quick screen shots then I’ll bring this to an end.


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That brings me to an end for this review. Hopefully you’ll decide to try out WIXOSS, if you do be sure to drop me a line on Twitter, I’d like to see another person get into this anime and enjoy it as much as I am. Up next I’m not sure what review I’ll have out, maybe the WIXOSS ep 4 review, but probably a reblog of a Mahouka ep 8 review. I’ll have my review for Love Live ep 8 out probably by Monday and I’m not sure for Date A Live II as I heard FFF is delayed this week, so I’m not sure when I’ll get that review out. Keep it locked to my Twitter for any changes in what review I’ll have posted next. Until the next WIXOSS review, here’s what to expect:

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