Ah two Seiyuu Singing Goddesses, this is a great day for anime

Now let’s our date begin.

So we start the episode with Mana Takamiya waking up in the hospital. You all remember Mana. If you don’t this will make you remember…

Yeah she got owned by Kurumi.

Anyway the second she wakes up the guys from DEM come in only for her to ask who are they?

After the opening, we get Shido asking the three girls whose names I wish I could forget, Ai, Mai, and Mii to perform with him for the sing off against Miku.

Please be useful girls
Please be useful girls

So now the ultimate band along with Tohka and Shido has been formed with Origami at lead singer. Unfortunately she didn’t sing which is odd since her seiyuu, Misuzu Togashi, is a member of Sweet Arms, the group that sung both seasons’ openings.

Ai, Mai, and Mii are on bass, drums, and keyboard respectively and Shido’s on guitar so what’s Tohka going to play?

She’s been entrusted with the tamborine(translation:she’s got the easiest instrument other than the spoons) She’s got the true instrument! The One Instrument to rule them all!

How you that like Lord of the Rings reference?

Let’s go to the next scene.

We’ve got Origami with her superior, Ryouko Kusakabe in what I guess is an AST facility. She’s being all casual and not looking at Origami.

She isn’t doing it to be mean. She’s just saying the DEM team’s plan to attack Tohka tomorrow at 1500(about 3:00 pm) during the Tenou Festival.

Oh Snap. White Licorice
Oh Snap. White Licorice

So she’s leaving the Hanger 2 open?! If you don’t already know from last season Hanger 2 is where AST’s got White Licorice, the thing that nearly killed Shido, Tohka, and Kotori last season.

Wow Origami really is one of the most powerful members of AST
Wow Origami really is one of the most powerful members of AST

Things are getting intense. Just as good as last season.

On the next scene we’ve got one of the classics of any anime with a school in it, the school cultural festival and the maid cafe!


Nice! I almost wish that it was a bit more sexy looking though.

Cute Twins
Cute Twins

Looks like Kaguya and Yuzuru are back. Now for a bit of information to give you guys some answers. After they were sealed by Shido, Kaguya and Yuzuru were transferred into Raizen but instead being in Shido, Tohka, and Origami’s class they’re in the class next door. So that’s why they didn’t appear last episode.


If I didn’t remember that he was a guy I’d say he was pretty good looking.

Anyway the next scene we’ve got the beautiful Miku coming around.

Just because she’s evil doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a nice walk
Just because she’s evil doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a nice walk

And she decides to take Shido(Shiori) out on a date.

First for crepes

Then they head to a ring toss and Miku wants to win something for Shiori.


Ha, looks like all that singing and dancing skill didn’t give you hand-eye coordination.

Okay you can always do that…


Umm dude, you’re going to wreck everything you’ve been working for.

Looks like he managed to save his butt because Miku likes a competition but that smile there doesn’t sit well with me.

You had one job, girls! Be useful. Couldn’t even get that right
You had one job, girls! Be useful. Couldn’t even get that right

That insanely hot bitch. She’s cheating! As if she didn’t already have a massive and blatant advantage, she has to widen the gap even more.

So after that we flash to the stage competition where we get the tail end of Miku’s performance.


Okay that was good. Maybe Shido and Tohka can beat her?

Oh come on! As if she wasn’t already going to win, she takes on her Spirit form and starts singing.

So if Miku’s gotten to the three annoying girls and Miku’s gone into her Spirit form then how are Shido and Tohka going to perform or even come close to beating Miku?


Those Yamai girls coming in at last minute to help out!

Let’s flash over to the sky over the arena.



Yeah! It’s Origami! She’s going in on DEM Wizards.

Let’s go back to the arena with Spirits singing contest.

Looks like Kaguya can play the drums

And Yuzuru can play the bass

And with Shido on guitar and Tohka on tamborine looks like we’ve got a band.

But Shido can’t sing but no worries!


Now remember Tohka’s seiyuu, Marina Inoue. She’s done a lot of songs, both singles and opening and endings for some of the anime she’s been in. So it’s not a shock that she’ll sing during this anime.

So during the song we get flashes of Origami’s battle against the DEM Wizards as well as shots of the crowd.


Looks like she’s out of time and reinforcements are on the way.

And with that episode ends.

Looks like in the next episode we’ve got this.

Miku’s Angel, Gabriel!!!
Miku’s Angel, Gabriel!!!

It looks like a church organ…and we’ve got a Spirit who uses music as a weapon. Three chances to guess who stopped playing around.


Well with that we’ve got an episode. ..Wait!!!!

I forgot something. We got something awesome but it was only for a second.


Kurumi Tokisaki!!

She’s back!

Okay now I’m done.

I’ll see you next week until then
Later Days

Thank you once again Deven Luca, you’ve been a huge help with letting me use this review for Date A Live II, and I’d also like to thank you for getting me back into this anime. I dropped it maybe a bit too quick on ep 3, but after that ep things start getting good. It’s back to having the season 1 Date A Live feel I want and it’s shaping up to be something good. Although with only 10 eps I’m wondering how things will play out in the final 3 eps. Kurumi was spotted (only for a moment) so she’ll be making some return I’m guessing, but they’ll have to finish up with Miku first. How it’ll play out, well I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough in ep 7. Speaking of ep 7, I’ll be back to to writing reviews for Date A Live II starting with ep 7; it will be a bit delayed probably (also depends on when FFF has it out) but I’ll be sure to get it written and posted as soon as I can. As for this review, please remember that it was written entirely by Deven Luca so please direct all the praise and thanks to him. This is his work, not mine. And since you’ll visit his blog to thank him, be aware that he’s also on Twitter if you want to follow him there, and you can ask him questions via Ask.fm as well.

As for me, I’ll be back once again with a review for Love Live ep 7; I plan on having it out by this evening so make sure you’re still around for that. Also I’ll be back to posting my WIXOSS reviews soon, so don’t worry about them, I haven’t forgotten rather I’ve just been putting focus on other anime reviews. Like I mentioned a while ago, Monday May 26th is when everything will be back up to date and starting the following day, the 27th, I’ll return with my review of Black Bullet. I’ll update the review schedule on the side as well.

I’m also working on another post, one that’s not a review oriented one, rather it’s one for the top OP/ED of the spring season. I liked what OniiChan Reviews did and he’s inspired me to have a post like that as well. I’m not sure when I’ll have that post out as it’s not top priority right now, but I hope to have it out in the next week or something like that. I think I’ve said all I wanted to so I’ll bring this to an end now. Like always I’ll have some nice bonus pics for you to look at, so scroll down and enjoy!

Bonus Pics!

A fitting pic for the review. Click for full size!
A fitting pic for the review. Click for full size!

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This pic finally makes sense!
This pic finally makes sense!

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Random Kurumi pic because I hope she's back soon! This one's for you Deven! Click for full size
Random Kurumi pic because I hope she’s back soon! This one’s for you Deven! Click for full size

Pixiv Link!

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