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Miyuki wastes no time flashing her magic around as she rushes to Leo’s aid. Those guys didn’t stand a chance at all. With the school being under attack by terrorists, Tatsuya lets Erika know that as long as they are not students they can attack them. Finally, some action seems to really be happening. Just before our group is about to take off to help the school more Haruka appears to plea for Sayaka. Tatsuya brushes Haruka off running past her, the others follow him.

Leo is first off to show us his skills with his CAD while the other three Erika, Tatsuya, and Miyuki keep moving forward. Erika takes off as the second to show us her skills between Leo and herself. Tatsuya and Miyuki also use some magic to maneuver themselves up the stairs. You have to wonder the amount of time it takes for them to do…

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