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Continuing on with my WIXOSS reviews we’ve reached ep 2 now. The spiral into darkness has already begun with a fateful encounter of a powerful WIXOSS player. Also, light is shed on what Yuzuki’s wish really is.

Here’s my review!

Ruko has taken a strong liking to WIXOSS. She’s spent long hours playing against her grandmother and even though she’s still not super good, she loves it just the same. A continuing part from the first ep is Ruko’s lack of a wish from the cards. Everyone else plays WIXOSS because they have a wish they want granted, but Ruko is different as she has no wish. In the coming eps that might change though as her view of WIXOSS also starts to change.

On their way to school via train, Yuzuki talks about how it’s tough finding other Selectors to battle, Ruko being the only other one at their school. Hanayo helps out the conversation by stating that you can ID a Selector just by looking at them as LRIG’s are attracted to each other; directing their attention to a small video board, Hanayo says that the two girls featured in the clothing ad, Urazoe Iona (who also seems to be a model and singer) and Akira Aoi, are both Selectors. Overhearing a conversation between some girls sitting across from them on the train, they’re able to find out what school Akira attends. Off to battle now!

Arriving at Akira’s school they hide out by the front gates to wait for her to arrive so they can set up a meeting for a battle after school. Akira finally arrives at school with her groupies but before Yuzuki can talk with her, another girl rushes up to Akira and asks her for a battle. What? Their quest to meet one Selector has now turned into meeting two Selectors. Overjoyed by the chance to battle, Akira leads the girls (and Kazuki too as he was on his way to school as well) away to a quiet place where they can battle and not be disturbed. With the board set up it’s time for the battle to begin!

Akira starts off all cute and bubbly but once the battle begins her personality drastically changes to a heartless bitch as she starts to tear apart her opponent, the shy and timid Hitoe Uemura. What makes Akira so powerful is that her deck comes with a few special moves, one that can force the opponent to discard one of their cards. Akira makes full use of this as she takes away Hitoe’s strong cards putting her in a corner now. In addition to that skill, called ‘Peeping Analyze’, Akira can also look into the other player’s soul (I’m guessing) and see why she wants to be an Eternal Girl; Hitoe’s reason she’s playing is because she wishes to have friends.

Watching all this unfold, Yuzuki and Ruko are horrified at the match and Yuzuki wants to put an end to it, sadly that can’t be done so easily. Hanayo cautions that interrupting a game in progress on purpose has a strict penalty, one that Yuzuki isn’t interested in finding out. All in all Akira isn’t breaking any rules with the moves she’s making, they’re all legit and fair, even if they destroy the other player in the process. The match ends with Hitoe being blown out of the water by Akira and is left in tears. Back in the real world again, Hitoe flees the scene crying, leaving Ruko, Yuzuki and Kazuki standing there shocked. But Akira isn’t finished yet. Back to her bubbly self, she asks who’s next to battle, but her LRIG, Piriluk, is already fast asleep, something they do after each battle. Wanting nothing more than to leave the scene, the three of them try to leave, but Akira forcefully gets Yuzuki’s phone number to text her for a better time to battle. Yikes, Akira is freaky!

After school Kazuki suggest they head to the card shop to upgrade Yuzuki’s deck. As good as the idea sound, Yuzuki is visibly not interested in going to the card shop. Ruko, having never been though, is eager to go check it out. The card shop scene is interesting to watch as Yuzuki is not thrilled at all to be there, and she’s less thrilled to see the girl who works there, Momoka, being so friendly with Kazuki. Ruko also shows some of her WIXOSS knowledge as she is able to do some combo move thing that impresses the card shop girl.

Later that evening when Yuzuki and Kazuki are playing a round, Kazuki notices that Yuzuki’s play style is a bit limited and calls her strategy to ‘straightforward’. A very flustered Yuzuki leaves the living room in a hurry and rushes back to her room, Kazuki standing in shock. Now is the moment we finally start to put together the pieces of what Yuzuki’s wish is. Back when she was in kindergarten (I’m guessing) she drew a very nice crayon picture of herself and Kazuki, saying she was his bride. Some very on the ball other students called her out saying that’s not right and people will think badly of her if she did that. Hurt by their words, she takes a black crayon and scribbles out Kazuki. To this day she keeps that drawing in her desk drawer as a reminder of why she can’t lose a battle. Ho, ho! Does this mean we’ve got ourselves some more wincest?

The rest of the ep is Yuzuki and Ruko trying to escape an eager to battle Akira after school. Their efforts in doing so are halted as they stumble across Kazuki and Momoka together off to do something. Suggesting they might be on a date, Yuzuki is not ready to accept that and after a brief exchange of words between Ruko and her, she leaves quickly. As Ruko is standing there, she’s approached by Hitoe as she wants a battle. Before we close out the ep we have one more scene where Akira finally finds Yuzuki and challenges her to a battle. Yuzuki accepts instantly and she stage is set for one hell of a battle in ep 3.

Overall ep 2 continues the story nicely as we’re introduced to more Selector’s and we have another battle too. This anime is moving along quickly and the story is picking up too; you can also start to see how fast Ruko is picking up WIXOSS even though she’s only had one battle against a Selector. Next time we’ll get a double shot of battles as Ruko fights Hitoe while Yuzuki has an emotionally charged game against Akira.

If you’re watching WIXOSS as well, how are you liking it thus far? Like I said last time, it’s in my top three for this season and it seems like every ep just keeps getting better and better. Once I’ve got Internet back I can’t wait to watch ep 6 as this is probably my most anticipated anime of the week, more so than Love Live and Mahouka. Alright then that brings this review to an end; I’ll cya next time for the ep 3 review!

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