A few weeks ago I dropped Date A Live II as it wasn’t going so well and decided to pick up another anime to review instead. This is that anime. So as I’ve already watched the first 5 eps of WIXOSS I’ll refrain from spoilers and alluding to future events in the coming eps. With that let’s jump in and take a look at the premier ep.

Here’s my review!

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Looking through the spring anime chart I passed over this one as card battle anime aren’t really something that catch my interest, but after hearing so much about it from one of my AniTwitter buddies, I decided to check it out. Best choice I’ve made in a while. From the get go WIXOSS caught my interest and sucked me in immediately, doing exactly what a pilot ep should do; what’s more is that not only did it catch my interest with the first ep, it kept delivering each week and hasn’t let up at all.

Story wise we follow lonely high school girl Ruko Kominato as she struggles to make friends at her school. It has her grandmother worried as Ruko is always looking so depressed and by herself all the time. This changes one evening as her brother gives her a deck of WIXOSS cards, saying that it’s a really popular thing with high school girls at the moment. Accepting the deck from him Ruko is unknowingly entering the dark and dangerous world of WIXOSS.

Once back at home Ruko opens the box and pulls the cards and rule book out. On a side note, I really liked the packaging the cards came in, very simple, clean and minimalistic. Continuing on, Ruko discovers that her deck contains a special card, one that talks. Called and LRIG, this special card has the power to grant its user, now called a Selector, any wish they desire. No matter how outrageous the wish is it will be granted if they can win 3 games. Being still very startled by having a card (later in the ep she names her Tama) suddenly start talking to her, Ruko puts it away in her desk drawer and leaves it for the night.

The next day we meet Yuzuki Kurebayashi and her brother Kazuki Kurebayashi (who isn’t a Selector but still plays WIXOSS), another Selector with a LRIG of her own, named Hanayo. Taking Ruko to the rooftop, Yuzuki and Hanayo give her a quick rundown on how the game works before jumping into a battle. Now being that their cards are special, their version of a battle is different than any normal person’s card battle. Both players are taken into another dimension where they do battle. This aspect of the anime really reminds me of Black Rock Shooter, as all the battles take place in a dark, no holds barred dimension. Yuzuki, having been into WIXOSS longer than Ruko already has a wish that she’s playing for to be fulfilled; it’s alluded to what this wish is, but even though it’s ep 1 I don’t want to give it away just yet. Even though she’s still trying to get a grasp on WIXOSS and how it all works, Ruko is sure about one thing: she’s finally made some friends now.

On a whole ep 1 introduces us to the story and characters well and sets the tone for the anime. Obviously not everything is explained in the opening ep, as character back stories still have much more to reveal and the plot has yet to get fully going, but there is a lot to get you interested and get you coming back to see how this story will unfold.

Some key points: firstly the art in WIXOSS is quite dark and realistic. It’s gritty and pastel like almost with the backgrounds. It’s not “pretty” per se nor does it have clean and bright look to it, but taking the tone of the anime into context, the art used suits it quite well. J.C. Staff is the studio behind this anime so if you’re a fan of them then this should be one to check out. Another thing I like about WIXOSS is the music. I really like the OP ‘killy killy JOKER’ as well as the OST. Watching this a second time, I noticed the music a lot more and it really adds to the overall tone and feel of the anime.

Lastly the overall atmosphere this anime has is something that draws me in and has me hooked. I’m eager to see how things are going to unfold in the next ep as the story is moving along quickly and things are really happening. Not exactly a spoiler, but if you continue watching you’ll notice the changes that the characters undergo, something that is very evident in this anime. If you’ve seen Black Rock Shooter and SHAFT’s Madoka Magica, and enjoyed both, then this is an anime you’ll probably like as it’s got very similar vibes and plot elements to it.

All in all this anime has got me hooked and it’s something I eagerly await each week for. It’s a dark, unsettling, mysterious and very enjoyable anime to watch and I highly recommend you take 24 minutes out of your day to try it out. After Love Live and Mahouka, WIXOSS is my third top favorite anime this season and if you’re watching and loving it like I am, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that it will be getting a second season as well. I haven’t heard any more details about when it might be out, but I’m guessing the fall maybe. It looks like it was originally 24 eps but they broke it into 2 seasons to keep the love lasting for a longer time.

Alright then that’s it for this ep, up next I’ll be continuing on with my WIXOSS reviews with ep 2 and the introduction of some more new characters! Be sure to check out ep 1 and I’ll cya back here for another review!

[HorribleSubs] selector infected WIXOSS - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.44_[2014.05.08_16.07.05]

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