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Mahouka continues with a very dialog heavy ep this week. Not much happened until the end, but the next ep should be exciting. Also, no Tatsuya x Miyuki moments in this ep either.

Here’s my review!

Overall this wasn’t an exciting ep, nothing much happened until the final few minutes, but I’m pretty sure we all knew that something was going to happen. So the focus of this ep is building on the Weed-Bloom debate as the Course 2 students are getting pretty riled up about being discriminated by the Course 1 students. Tatsuya and Mibu have another sit down to discuss further the plans going forward with the uprising of the Course 2 students. Tatsuya voices his opinion that although he feels that there is a deep rift between the two, he doesn’t personally feel a need to go out and make a big deal to change things. As long as he can work on his school work and graduate that’s all that matters.

This obviously doesn’t sit well with Mibu as she was told by the captain of the kendo team to try her hardest to get Tatsuya on their side. The next day a radical group of Course 2 students take over the Broadcasting Room and start talking over the PA to the student body about their ideals and why things she change. I was hoping there would be some action in this part with the Disciplinary Council kicking down the door and have some SWAT style take down of the students, but they opt for the peaceful way of deal with the situation. Meh, so much for excitement.

Mibu talks matters over with the Student Council in an off screen discussion that results in an open forum being held for all the students to come and watch as the Course 2 students try to push their views past the Student Council and make things better. Mayumi proves why she’s so awesome again by defusing the heated debate and calms both sides. Until things get violent.

It’s brought out that the captain of the kendo team, Kinoe Tuskasa, has ties to Blanche, the crazy anti-magic terror group operating in the school. During a secret meet up the night before the open forum, the Blanche guys, Mibu included, plan something big attack on the school to prove their point.

So once Mayumi is finished her speech bombs start going off and gunmen show up and shit just starts getting good. I think what caught my attention the most was how armed these gunmen are. It seemed like some serious overkill, especially that one cool dude with the RPG, like seriously, what the hell is he doing with a fucking RPG attacking a school filled with magic wielding students? Geez… these guys. Of course you’ve gotta have the standard lacky guys with the MP5A3’s and the gas masks that burst through the doors and look menacing. Lastly, that the fuck were those other guys outside shooting at? They were acting like they were in the most grueling combat they’ve ever seen in their lives, the way they were going at it. And for real, were they expecting the students to be returning fire or something? C’mon, this isn’t America where everyone rolls strapped. Fuckin geez…

Anyways that aside, I liked this ep but it was pretty much a very elaborate filler to prepare us for something exciting next time. Yeah I know every ep can’t be explosions and battles, but I did want some more Tatsuya x Miyuki moments here and there. DAMN IT, I WANT MORE OF THAT WINCEST!! So some interesting points in this ep: Tatsuya and Mizuki talking at the start. More of Tatsuya hiding his power level some more while also some inner dialog by him shed some light onto how he got his powers, calling them a “curse”. Hmm, I’m interested to see more back story on our very mysterious MC. It’s also mentioned by Mizuki that Kinoe Tuskasa has the same magic as her, that being hyper sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emissions, hence the glasses.

So overall this ep does a good job preparing us for next week and a hopefully exciting ep with some wincest here and there too. That’s gonna bring this review to a close then, next I’ll have the ep 4 review of the 3DCG epic space mech anime, Knights of Sidonia. Look forward to that and I’ll cya next time!

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