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Holy shit. Wow that’s gotta be the most intense ep of anime I’ve seen in a while.

Here’s my review!

Picking up from where we left off last week, Nagate and co have just witnessed the elite team get killed by the rampaging Gauna and are sitting stunned right now. Back in the control room the order is given to fire the Heavy Mass Driver (HMD) in hopes to bring this fight to an end. Being that the Gauna is so close this time, it should be an easy shot to make, right? Wrong. With expert dodging skills the Gauna evades the incoming projectile and continues on course towards Sidonia. Aww hell naw. From this point onwards, shit hits the fan and its balls to the wall crazy.

To escape the rapidly approaching Gauna, the thrusters of Sidonia are turned on for a short time, but in doing so it will cause hell for the people inside and the gravity will go haywire. This part makes me think back to that great Gravity Stop that happened 100 years ago that was mentioned in ep 2. I wonder if something like this happened. Anyways Nagate scrambles to find a place to clip in and hold on for dear life. Sadly some didn’t clip on in time and they became red paint on the walls, literally. Man that was an intense sequence there, when the gravity gets all fucked up and people are flying around and shit. Damn I was really getting into it at that point, holy shit.

So anyways they evade the crazed Gauna but the cost is extremely high. People were dying like flies out there and a panning shot afterwards shows lots of body bags, heavy property damage and lots of bloody students lying around the place. Ugh, that shit was crazy. Thankfully Nagate didn’t end up like the other people as he’s been called to get to his mech and prepare to launch. During the fight with the elite team, a Kabizashi spear is lost and I guess those spears must be very important as they have to go out and get it. Nagate and three others are tasked with going out to get it as the rest of the trainees form a defense line to combat the now circling back around Gauna.

A simple fetch quest can’t go that wrong though, can it? Well guess what, remember how the Gauna took on Yamano’s form when it ate her, well it did the same thing with the mech and now it’s got a motherfucking Hyggs cannon too. Taking a shot at the returning team, all their mechs are temporally put out of service. Hoshijiro’s mech is sent flying out of control and she’s forced to eject before it blows up. But that’s just the start of the problems now. The Gauna has started coming towards the disabled mechs seeing an easy kill. With moments to spare Nagate restarts his mech and grabs the Kabizashi, ready to fight. In a series of epic moves Nagate dodges the Hyggs cannon fire and takes out the Gauna! Hell yeah! After he radios in saying he’s going to get Hoshijiro as she’s still alive and drifting out in space now. Going past the point of no return Nagate leaves us on a cliff hanger until next week.

Damn, what an ep though! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching it and I’m really looking forward to seeing how next week’s ep is going to be. I’ve gotta say that after 4 eps I’m finally getting into Knights of Sidonia a lot more than I was before. It’s a good anime but after this ep I’m really enjoying it a lot more. I’m guessing that next week’s ep will be a bit slower paced and focus on the building relationship between Nagate and Hoshijiro.

I really wish I could get some pics for this ep as there were lots of exciting parts, but this will have to be good enough. Once I’ve got Internet back you can expect my ep 5 review, but until then please don’t spoil it for me. That’s it for this review, up next I’ll have my long awaited review for Selector Infected WIXOSS, the must watch anime this season. I honestly don’t understand why more people aren’t raving about this one, it’s so damn good! So look forward to my ep 1 review, I should have it posted soon, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I’m sure you’ll want to after this.

Alright guys thanks for reading this, please leave a comment/Like if you enjoyed it and I’ll cya next time!

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