No Game, No Life continues with another awesome ep. I really enjoyed this one a lot, but I still think last week’s ep was a bit better.

Here’s my review!

Also there is an update attached to this review so please make sure you read to the end!

Picking up where we left off from last week, Sora and Shiro put the icing on the cake and defeat Kurami in the ultimate chess match. Honestly I was pretty impressed with Sora and Shiro’s tactics of deception to take such a strong opponent down. Obviously being back by the Elf Magic, Kurami would normally be unbeatable, but where her iron fist did the walking, Sora and Shiro did the talking and were able to being her forces down. I was actually pretty surprised when Kurami started crying like a baby, that was a bit unexpected.

So now that Kurami is out of the way, Sora and Shiro can move onto the next phase of their plan, becoming king, but there’s just a small catch: only one person can be king, meaning the Blank can’t stay together. Or can they? After a 3 day marathon game Sora and Shiro, one which proved how evenly matched they are, they finally decided to become king and queen and take the throne.

What comes next is a quite long and rousing speech by Sora as he explains the situation Elkia to the people and states that the only way for Imanity to go anywhere in this world, is be declaring war on all the other countries and take back their lost land. Hmm… okay. So once again this part is really showing off how this “communication disorder” Sora has that was stated at the outset doesn’t really seem to be so true. He’s a pro when dealing with others, even if it’s Shiro holding on to his had to make it through, but in game he can handle himself just fine. Maybe it’s just because they’re in a world where everything is decided by a game, but even so he’s natural when talking with others.

So from here Sora and Shiro amaze Stephanie some more by cleaning up all the economic issues in record time and getting everything back in working order. It’s amazing that just by playing games can make someone so smart. I wonder if it works that way in real life too?

Tet also stops by too to check in on Sora and Shiro, see how they’re doing in the new world. As they’re already the rulers of the land, they’re enjoying their position quite a bit. It’s also brought out that once you defeat all the other lands and gain all the pieces you can finally challenge God, or in this case Tet, in one final game to see who becomes the new God. Seems like a deal.

Overall this was a dialog heavy ep as not much happened. I’m not sure why people are losing it with this ep, calling it the best one yet; honestly last time was pretty damn awesome, unless they’re referring to Steph in that skimpy maid outfit. Damn she’s sexy! I liked that.

So pretty much this was an ep that’s leading up to something bigger next time and for the coming eps. All in all I’m enjoying this anime a lot and it’s grown into something I like more and more each week. It’s not Anime of the Season material, well not personally at least, but it’s still an enjoyable watch, and isn’t that what really matters watching something enjoyable. Next time we’ve got some more excitement with another ep, this one titled “Weak Square”.


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