Please check out this review for ep 3 of Date A Live II

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Here we go. Spirits in bikinis and swimsuits. I don’t want reach my limit too fast.

Let’s make sure to have a thrilling date(It’s a good saying to start the review with but I think I need another. Leave recommendations in the comments please.)

So we start off where things usually end. In bed…

He’s so lucky.

Meanwhile outside, we get a battle between Origami and Tohka: who will nurse the ‘sick’ Shido!

They head into one of the rooms while Ms. Sneaky Ellen tries to follow and gets this for her trouble.

Back to Shido…


There’s only so much luck a man can have. He’s clearly got a lot so there must be some type of imbalance!

Then this happens.

And this all happens before the Opening song!

Okay after the opening there’s a scene with those guys in the airship that Ellen works with and then we…

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