So it lasted only 3 eps, well 2 eps and the opening 2:30 of ep 3, but I’m done with this anime.

Here’s my short review.

I really loved season 1, I honestly did. Sure it’s a harem anime, but season 1 wasn’t all fanservice and overused sex jokes. It actually had more happening, hell there were explosions and the characters acted more normal. Season 1 ended with questions still left unanswered and Kurumi still out there somewhere, so as the start date for season 2 drew near, I became more and more excited. I watched the PV’s and liked what I saw, it’s looked like lots of good stuff would be happening and the second season would be just as good as the first, if not better. But once it started… I instantly realized something was wrong. The Date A Live I loved was gone.

Pretty much if you open any new season with a filler ep, you’ve got huge problems, then when you follow that up with an even more lackluster second ep, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. I felt cheated and just really let down by this, I wanted the Date A Live I loved to be back again, I wanted so much more in this season but they failed to deliver and I’m felt with little choice now. I can’t stand where this anime is heading and it’s just not something I feel like I should invest my time into anymore.

Here’s the progression of ep 3 that led it me dropping it.

Now I stated that I might return should it improve, but that’s going to take a hell of a lot to get me watching this again. If you’re going to keep watching it, let me know if it gets better. And by better I mean more like the Date A Live from season 1, not this sorry ass excuse they call a second season.

Thanks for staying with me for the first 2 reviews, I’d say I had fun, but I didn’t really. That’s it for me, I’m done.

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