Today is April 19th. Today is a very special day. Not only is it Saturday, which is always nice, but it’s the birthday of μ’s member Maki Nishikino.

Maki also happens to be my favorite character in Love Live! School Idol Project, although you might not know that.

So like I did with Umi’s birthday on my other blog, I’d like to take this time to celebrate this day by posting lots of Maki pics. Yes you may think it’s just a reason to spam Maki pics (and you’re right) but for real I’d like to acknowledge my favorite character and have a post dedicated to her. Oh maybe I didn’t mention this, but I really love Maki. Maybe you’ve picked up on this a bit, but she’s like, my favorite, favorite character.

Okay so let’s have some pics now!



She's so lovely!
She’s so lovely!

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Sexy Maki x Nico!
Sexy Maki x Nico!
I really love this pic!
I really love this pic! Check her legs out!
Ooh! Sexy!
Ooh those sexy legs again!

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Another very sexy Maki x Nico pic here
Another very sexy Maki x Nico pic here


So beautiful!!
So beautiful!!

42292837_big_p1All pics are courtesy of Pixiv!


So there you have it, a post dedicated to my favorite girl, Maki~!

By the way if you haven’t seen Love Live, this post is more than enough reason to watch it. I’m currently reviewing season 2 which has just started, you can check out my reviews for those eps on my blog here if your free time. But really though it’s an awesome anime and I enjoyed it so much; it’s got so many amazing songs and the characters are really great too. It’s an all around fun anime to watch and I hope my incessant talking about it has made you ponder the thought of looking into it to see why I’m so obsessed about it.

I’ve heard some that say they don’t like Maki because of her voice, but her voice is really good! Keep in mind the voice actress doing Maki’s voice, Pile, that was her anime debut (about 99.9% sure about that, correct me if I’m wrong) so you can’t hate on her for never having voiced a character before. While her voice might not exactly be what you expect, when she starts singing… wow her singing voice is so amazing! I’ve downloaded some Maki solo albums and I love them to death, I could listen to them on a loop for the whole day and never get tired of it. Maki’s voice sounds better in season 2 (not that it was bad in season 1) and she’s just as awesome even though it’s only 2 (almost 3) eps in. But for sure check out season 1 of Love Live if you haven’t and be sure to tell me what you think.

So in other news, as a quick update with things, Underwater is a bit delayed with Knights of Sidonia ep 2 so I’m guessing a Sunday review posting for that. I’m going to aim to have Date A Live II ep 2 out later today but if not then that should be out Sunday as well along with the Mahouka review too. If all else fails and I get really backed up, then Monday/Tuesday will be when I’ll have things out, and by that time I’ll have a new review for Black Bullet ep 3 as well. And of course Monday should see the posting of Love Live Season 2 ep 3 review out too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post dedicated to Maki and I’ll cya later for some anime reviews!


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