I’m sure you’re wondering what anime I’ll be taking a look at this spring season, so I decided to make this post giving a quick overview of what I’ll be covering. I might add some more later on too. Click the title for more info and the video preview to watch a PV in HD.

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2


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Yes I’ll be reviewing/talking about my current favorite anime this coming season. I recently finished my 14 day rewatch marathon in which I watched an ep each day to get myself psyched up (like I need to to that) for season 2. I’m really looking forward to more Maki (obviously) and just more good times with this anime. I’ve taken more of a liking to idol anime over the past few months, Love Live being a huge factor in that, but also Wake Up, Girls! too. I think what I like so much about idol anime is probably all the awesome music and cute girls. April 6th is when Love Live starts up and I hope you’re just as excited for it as I am.


Date A Live II


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Much like Love Live, I’m really into this anime at the moment and I’m dying to see more Tohka too. I really wanted to do another rewatch marathon with this anime, but due to other things I might not be able to get it watched before season 2 starts up on April 12 (or maybe 11th I’m not fully sure). Although I really wanted to read the light novels before season 2 started, my extreme procrastination kicked in and I never got around to reading any of them *cries*. I’ll probably get around to it soon but I’m not sure when I’d actually get around to it, it’ll probably a while though. What I’m looking forward to the most is just more Tohka, she’s so cute and I love her.


Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei/The Irregular at Magic High School


Video Preview

Honestly I didn’t know anything about this anime when someone first mentioned it to me a few months ago. So I’m pretty sure it’s based off a light novel (correct me if I’m wrong) and it seems like a pretty good story. I’ve seen a few PV’s for it and I’m liking what I see so far; I’ve seen lots of hype for this on Twitter and it’s made me get pretty excited for it too. I’ve got high hopes going into this one and I’ve read that it’s going to be 26 eps, so I’m pleased to hear that too. All in all I’m just really looking forward to this anime and I hope it’s gonna be good!


Sidonia no Kishi/Knights of Sidonia


Video Preview

Another anime where I just read a description and it interested me, Knights of Sidonia looks like a pretty awesome mech anime. The animation is pretty GC heavy so if you were turned off by Arpeggio for that reason then you probably won’t like this one. Personally I didn’t mind the CG of Arpeggio actually, once you get over it and focus on other things it’s a pretty awesome anime, plus Takao will make you forget all about the CG as you’ll be fixated on her. Anyways in the trailer I saw some pretty awesome looking action sequences and space combat and I’m pretty much sold on that. I’ve seen a April 11th start date, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting to see how this one will pan out.


Black Bullet


Video Preview

Yet another anime I know nothing about but when I saw some gun fights in the PV and I became interested. Reading a quick synopsis I think it sounds pretty good and I’ll like it. Normally when it comes to picking anime to watch during the new season I’ll just read a quick synopsis and watch a PV and if I like what I see then I’ll watch it. I’ll keep my hopes moderately high as I wait for this one to start come April 8th.


No Game, No Life


Video Preview

I threw this one on my list because it sounded pretty neat and I liked the PV. It looks like a pretty good anime and the story looks interesting too; I also like the art as it seems pretty colorful and nice to look at. I’ve seen lots of hype for this one too and people are saying it’s going to be a good one so I can’t help but be intrigued by it.  I’ll have to wait until April 9th before this one starts though.


So there you have it, I’ll be trying my best to get some kind of review for each ep shortly after it airs. Now I’m not only watching these 6 I’ve mentioned, but I can only do so much and I think these 6 will be enough to cover for the season. I’ve got plenty of other anime I’ll be checking out too and I’ll have something small about those when I start watching them, but expect me to be putting most of my attention into these 6 mentioned. I’ve never done anime reviews before so I might be not too good off the start, so bear with me if it’s not up to par of what anime reviewing should be at. I’d welcome the discussion when reviewing these anime, so if you’re up to talk about them I’m always free to chat.

Alright then I’ll call it quits here for this post, I hope you’re looking forward to staying with me for this season and I’ll try my best to make this an enjoyable experience.



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