Are you ready for an adventure?
Are you ready for an adventure?

So here we are, the grand opening of my new blogging venture!

I’m so glad so see you made it today, I was worried picking April 1st would get people a bit leery and think this is some kind of joke, but no it’s not. Alright then on with the show! This is my first time venturing into anime blogging so I’m excited and nervous about it all; I’ve wanted to make a blog like this for a while now and I finally decided to make that happen and actually put something together. So what I’ll be doing here is pretty much  just talk about anime I like, posting pics of Maki, review some anime and just have some general discussion about anime. I’d love to have your feedback and opinions too as I really want to open it up for your comments and thoughts too; so if you’ve got something to say, be sure to leave a comment and join in the discussion!

Yes there are many anime blogs out there and I don’t expect to be something totally new or anything, but as long as I’ve got someone reading and liking this, then I’ll have done my job. If you’re some anime blog veteran and have a few tips for a noob starting out his own anime blog, I welcome the advice! I’m also open for any guest bloggers who want to stop by and have a cameo in a post of mine. Okay then that’s pretty much all I’ve got for a welcoming post, I hope you’re having a good time already, I know I am!

For a full write up about myself, please check out the ‘About Me‘ page.

I’m on Twitter and I’d love to have another new follower; if you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow me for anime stuff and other funny/random things. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I have an account on, so if you’ve got those random questions you want to ask me, click here!

For general contact info, check out this page. I recommend the fastest way is via Twitter or e-mail.

Lastly, if you’ve got a blog of your own and want to share links, I’ve got a page for that too.

Thanks for reading this opening post and I hope you’ll follow my blog and enjoy the posts!